Why Foreign Entrepreneurs Love Thailand

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The global marketplace is the stage for the latest generation of digital nomads, and one of the most popular countries for the digital nomad to live is Thailand, or the Land of Smiles, as it is affectionately known. There are many reasons to choose Thailand as your base when you are running an online business, which we will examine in this article.

  • High Speed Internet – Thailand is on a par with developed countries when it comes to hi-tech stuff, and for around $20 per month, you can have a high-speed Internet connection. There are several ISPs in Thailand, DTAC, True and 3B Broadband, to name but a few, and 5G is just around the corner, ensuring that you can run your business while enjoying life in a tropical paradise.
  • Low Cost of Living – When compared to Europe and America, the cost of living in Thailand is very affordable, particularly hi-end accommodation, plus you have fresh fruit and vegetables at cheap prices. If you would like the same lifestyle that a high-earner would enjoy, come to Bangkok and you can do exactly that!
  • Great Amenities – If you have a family, send your kids to a British school in Bangkok, where they will study the UK curriculum, and there are top-rated golf courses, fitness centres and shopping malls in Bangkok. It is worth noting that is you have a condo unit in Bangkok as your base, you can travel easily to the far south and enjoy tropical beach life while managing your business, or spend a week in the glorious north of Thailand.
  • Business Registration – If you register your business in Thailand, you can receive long-term visas from the BOI, and if you would like to learn more about setting up a business in Thailand, there are lots of resources online. Here is an interesting article that looks at working in an Asian environment, which will prepare you for the coming adventure.
  • The Climate – If you could choose where you live, why would you want to be in a sub-zero climate? Expats in Thailand enjoy a cool winter (16-22C), and while the summer is hot (40C+), you do have a/c, which makes it bearable. Some people spend the winter in Thailand, then relocate back to their home country in the months from May to September, giving them the best of both worlds. Here is a link to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, where you can find essential information on every aspect of the amazing country.
  • Luxury Lifestyle – If you are used to having a good standard of living at home, for less money, you can live like a millionaire in Thailand, and while foreigners are not able to purchase land, you can buy a luxury condo unit with 5-star amenities. The colourful Thai culture is another reason people like to stay in Thailand, indeed, many entrepreneurs marry a local and start a family.

Thailand and Bangkok have a lot to offer the digital nomad, and if you can choose where you live, why not spend most of the year in a tropical paradise nation?