Venezuela Travel Tips – The Best Places to Stay in Venezuela

Venezuela boasts stunning natural beauty, vast oil reserves and an enduring cultural heritage. Even during their current economic turmoil, its people remain warm and welcoming.

Venezuela has experienced devastating inflation. Prices listed online or in tour guides may be decades out of date, making transportation within cities difficult and taxis an effective solution.


Caracas may strike fear into many travelers’ hearts, yet this megacity is actually relatively safe for most visitors as long as they avoid certain areas. Any neighbourhoods located along hills around the city should be avoided as these areas tend to be criminal hotspots where murder, armed robbery, muggings and carjackings occur frequently.

Petty crime can also be an issue in parts of the city, so it’s advisable to dress conservatively, keep valuables hidden or ask your hotel to store them when you leave your room. Public transport should also be avoided due to numerous robberies at gunpoint occurring on buses; instead use pre-booked taxis through your hotel for transport instead.

When traveling to Caracas, make sure you are covered by an international health and travel insurance policy. This will protect against unexpected events that might arise on your journey and make claiming easier in case of emergency.

El Hatillo

El Hatillo offers an abundance of attractions and experiences, while serving as a perfect opportunity to sample local cuisine while learning more about Venezuela’s culture and traditions.

Avila National Park is a breathtaking gem that provides breathtaking mountain views and thrilling outdoor activities, plus lush forests, waterfalls, and picnic areas – making this an excellent natural attraction.

Other top attractions in El Hatillo include its town square, where visitors can stroll the cobblestone streets while admiring colonial architecture. You may also wish to visit one of many art galleries or craft shops located throughout El Hatillo.

El Hatillo is easy to navigate with taxis readily available throughout the city and regular bus routes running on set routes that may be cheaper but may be more crowded. In addition, El Hatillo features an entertaining metro cable car system. Plus there are various restaurants and cafes where local cuisine can be sampled!

Puerto La Cruz

Puerto La Cruz, situated along the coastline in Anzoategui State, is an idyllic beachside destination. Attractions in Puerto La Cruz include Armando Reveron Museum and cultural centers; additionally it borders Mochima National Park which hosts an abundance of flora species.

Puerto La Cruz’s prime time of visitation is during its dry season from December to April when temperatures remain comfortably warm but not scorching hot. Keep in mind however that its rainy season runs from June through November.

Puerto La Cruz can be reached from Caracas and other major cities in Venezuela by plane, bus or even plane/bus combination. Before travelling, make sure you read up on travel advice as well as local news updates; drivers using their UK licence may drive for one year only – ensure you bring along spare tyre, wheel block and jack for safety as well as reading FCDO guidance on travelling with medicine.

Los Caobos

As a general guideline, it is wise to avoid barrios (poor neighborhoods/shantytowns), particularly after dark. Kidnapping is a major concern and dress like locals when possible. Petty theft is another risk; therefore it is advisable to request hotel management to store valuables or wear a money belt at all times.

Los Caobos is located on the west side of Caracas and boasts numerous natural and cultural attractions. Notable spots in Los Caobos include Humboldt Hotel and Centro de Arte Los Galpones are must-sees, while Los Galpones provides a refuge with its many mango trees. Don’t forget Venezuelan arepas for breakfast: delicious corn patties filled with meat or cheese that make up this beloved treat! For dinner head over to Hache Bistro where their cozy atmosphere offers local dishes you can enjoy on their outdoor terrace!