Tips For The Traveling Salesperson

woman carrying a briefcase

Few (if any) days are what you’d call “typical” if you’re a traveling salesperson. Meeting with prospects and tracking down leads may well take you far and wide throughout your sales territory, which can mean long nights, early mornings, and plenty of time on the road in busy airports says Park Dia. It’s a whirlwind lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean it needs to spiral out of your control. The following tips will help establish some regularity and keep your sanity intact as you’re zipping around from city to city.

Become A Packing Pro

If there’s one thing about traveling that can get out of hand quickly, it’s packing your stuff. When it comes to streamlining the process, you can start by making a list of all those essentials, and checking it twice to make sure you don’t miss anything as you’re packing in a hurry.

Beyond that, though, it might also make sense for you to upgrade your luggage for the traveler’s lifestyle. At the very least, consider getting some hard-shell luggage that will protect the most delicate items you have and prevent potentially costly replacements mid-transit.

Add Some Stability To The Routine

It can be hard to get your bearings straight when everything is constantly changing. To make things just a bit less chaotic, you can try injecting some stability into your travels, taking steps like parking near the same spot at the airport on each departure or staying at familiar hotels in each of the locales you have to visit recommends

Seize the Moment

One thing that’s unavoidable during travel is downtime. The skill that sets the pro traveler apart from the amateur, however, is the ability to adapt to those moments where delays are inevitable. Set yourself firmly in the “pro” camp by keeping everything handy that you’ll need to get a little extra work done on the go, or catch up on your favorite book series, or get a bit further in that game you love. Whatever you do, don’t waste time twiddling your thumbs when there’s a lull in the action.

Establish Your Contingencies

Just like any other profession (perhaps even more so), there’s an element of “what if” involved with traveling the road. It’s unpleasant to think about, but crashes and injuries are a potential reality, and it would help to have your ducks in a row well beforehand. 

As a “just in case” maneuver, you’ll want to devise a plan of action in the event something were to occur, from filing personal injury claims and litigation to tracking down a skilled auto accident lawyer. This will provide a little extra peace of mind while you’re heading to and fro, and mitigate the need to scramble at the last minute.