Heinz Kaegi –  The Soul Behind Success: ONE Vision. ONE Team. ONE Voice.

Every leader’s dream is to steer their organization to success.  Yet sometimes, it is not their abilities or lack of that determines whether the company succeeds or fails. 

Their commitment to the organization’s vision and ability to influence others to work as a team toward achieving that goal determine the direction the organization takes.

In most cases, leaders meet for strategy meetings, brainstorm ideas, and give orders and instructions to the rest of the workers based on what has been discussed. However, while this might lead to some success, it is mostly a short-term solution to fix an immediate need. Many strategy meetings later, the clarity of the organization’s vision starts to be lost. 

Outstanding Leaders, as per Heinz Kaegi, lead from the future. They are passionate to ensure they achieve real success together with their teams. Additionally, they are charismatic, creative, and credible, and also able to embrace and inspire team spirit to the rest of the workforce. In a nutshell, one vision, one team, and one voice should be the driving force behind every successful organization.

Working as a team toward the same vision

Naturally, people have different ideas and visions. While some might think of the future and base their decisions on that vision, most only focus on the realities of the day. When these sets of people come together, their diversity will make them come up with contradicting strategies, which could hinder effective development. 

The only solution for them to move forward, and quickly, is to come together and condense their visions into one clear, compelling picture. They will also strengthen the quality of their work by engaging together as a team toward the same goal.

“There is so much power when human minds come together behind one vision, one team, and one voice. The concept should be implemented in these four levels to achieve success:” says Heinz Kaegi, Mentor of Leaders, Speaker, Best Selling Author, and CEO at Kaegi Leadershift Ltd.


A lot of managers come up with strategies to solve only the present realities, like monthly financial plans and other short-term goals. They end up repeating the same mistakes, strategizing for more solutions, and hindering the good progress of the organization.

In essence, they need a strong and clear vision to act as the guiding star for their actions and plans. They need to be leading from the future from the word go. 


The higher the number of strategy meetings in an organization, the lower the vision clarity. There is a need for managers to differentiate between strategy and vision. They should then put all effort into only one mission: to fulfill the organization’s vision. 


In the traditional leadership structure, the CEO is always at the top of the hierarchy making all the decisions. The rest follow the chain of command, and workers only implement their boss’s ideas and are not involved in any decision-making. This way, they might not be bothered about the company’s growth as they do not know the bigger picture. Since this structure does not enhance teamwork, it limits the utmost potential of the organization.

Under the one vision, one team, one voice umbrella, the CEO is at the bottom of the structure like a tree’s roots. That way, leadership becomes the company’s service and brings the juice to the rest of the workforce who do the real work to produce the best results. 


There is a need to stop leading people based on their performance and start leading them based on their potential for the future. This ensures the needs of the future are taken care of today, opening endless possibilities and promising sustainable growth.