How Influence Networks Can Launch Your Career

By now, most young professionals understand their success is based more on who they know than what. When you’re just getting started, networking with established professionals can lead to informational interviews, exclusive job opportunities, and more. For those interested in starting your own business, networks are your best source of early investors. To understand the size and strength of your network, start with your college and corporate alumni groups as they are your influence network

Most are familiar with university alumni systems. Colleges actively maintain them for fundraising purposes. If you’re an alumni of a college, you have access to expertise, mentors, and even possible discounts for various activities. In the corporate world, 98% of Fortune 500 companies have an alumni program. They use it to drive referrals, increase sales, and boost business development. You can use it when looking for a career change or mentorship. 

For entrepreneurs, those who went to schools with large alumni networks are able to raise more capital than others. The size of one’s alumni network is the most important factor in early stage financing. Shared alma maters matter more than school quality and shared geography in securing venture capital. If you have a start-up, catch up with old classmates today.

The Power of Influence Networks
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