NDR: Defense Against Encrypted Threats

Encryption, for the longest time, was used as a tool to protect internet users from cyber attacks by creating a “mask” for data and protecting it by turning it into seemingly meaningless code. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are getting wiser and have also used encrypted traffic to enact their crimes and make it more difficult to detect, much less intercept it before it gets worse. Even IT professionals are at a loss on how to properly deal with these encrypted attacks. 

This is mainly due to their lack of insight into threats that come from encrypted traffic as well as their lack of tools to give them the ability to detect, intercept, and analyze threats. With network security getting threatened year after year, there is a solution to help bring safety back to the web. 
Network Detection and Response (NDR) is a platform to help detect and alert malware, even if it is encrypted. It can also alert security teams to traffic anomalies and suspicious activity leading to faster response times. When said anomaly has been detected, NDR can attribute any malicious behavior to a specific IP address, therefore “demasking” cyber criminals and dealing with them directly. Besides just being a protector, NDR acts as a watchdog by observing and monitoring all traffic flows across the network, detecting threats from all sides.

What is Network Detection & Response?
Source: Live Action