How Safe are Your Emails?

As the COVID pandemic is still affecting our daily lives and the health of many people, there’s another kind of “pandemic” of sorts that affects us all daily as well. It’s that of cyber attacks, particularly via fraudulent emails. How safe are your emails after all?

This problem is so pervasive that spam emails make up 85% of all the emails we receive. Categorizing these emails by level of danger, we get 14.5 billion spam messages every day, meaning those that are just annoying or NSFW, but we also get at least 3 billion phishing emails per day. Many more could go unreported as they may not be recognized as phishing emails at all. 

Phishing emails are those that are after information to use in a much larger attack. These emails can include money scams, malware warnings, and credential harvesting, among other things. The worst part about phishing emails is that they are not intended to affect only the recipient. These emails are the first, small step in launching attacks that could be as large in scope as the attack on the Colonial Pipeline earlier this year, which shut down gas supply and caused a spike in prices. The scope of that attack was enough to be felt by every American. 

Companies must take the necessary steps to ensure that security precautions are active and effective for every employee. Lear how safe your emails are in the infographic below:

How Safe Are Your Emails? [infographic]