Home office setup: making working from home as comfy as ever

Remote offices have become an integral part of our everyday lives in a recent couple of years. We find it problematic to work lying on the couch, in bed, or sitting at the kitchen table, because we lose concentration easily. The reason is that the human mind considers those areas as locations for resting, watching shows, or eating. A work area should be designed separately so that you perceive it accordingly.

Critical Factors for arranging a remote workspace

So, what should your workspace be like, when working at home? First of all, your home office format will depend on the job you do. For instance, the job of a remote accountant in a major company will require a calculator or a separate display for calculations. Some creative professions, such as designers, will require a graphics tablet and a stylus for creating digital art. 

Social Discovery Group, for instance, offers a large list of jobs from math-minded analytics and financial experts to creative-minded UX/UI designers and front-end developers. It is  a global company that fights loneliness by creating a friendly space in digital reality where everybody is welcome to find friends by interests. Company supports remote IT specialists and makes them feel a connection with the world outside, which is vital in those fast-changing life conditions, where the remote format of work has become the new standard. As far as the Social Discovery Group has switched to 100% remote work right from the start of the pandemic, by now it has become an expert in arranging the remote work of its employees around the world. The company realizes the importance of the proper place for work, and knows the specific features of working remotely.

For example, you will often need to make calls with your colleagues and supervisors through video conferencing, which still requires certain conditions for setting up your working space. Most likely, any serious company assumes that their employee is able to find a suitable, relatively quiet place for work calls, ideally without people hanging around.

The essential principles to consider when setting up a home office

So, a quiet place for setting up a home office is found. All that’s left is to arrange it. Where should you start? In Social Discovery Group we advise our specialists to consider the following factors:

  1. Lighting: the best approach is to place your desk in a way so that the light comes from the left side of the table. In the dark our productivity drops significantly, and besides, proper illumination will prevent your eyes from getting too tired;
  2. Table and chair: the backbone of the home office. You should choose them with the utmost attention. The furnishings should be ergonomic, that is, contributing to comfortable work due to the proper distribution of the body weight;
  3. Keep your workplace tidy and airy: remove all unnecessary distractions from your sight. We recommend to open the window regularly to give some fresh air to the room and to your brains;
  4. Design: if your table is located in front of a wall, use it to maintain a working atmosphere. Place a temporary magnetic or cork board on the wall to visualize upcoming plans, ideas or future tasks. Things that remind you of work will help you focus better on the workflow;
  5. Take care of your health and stick to your daily routine: operating from home implies both comfort, ultimate responsibility for the result and high self-discipline. Schedule your entire day, from wake-up time to bedtime, and try to stick to it. Do at least 20 minutes of exercise a day and don’t forget about proper nutrition to feel well.

Nowadays many people prefer to work from home, since it saves about a few hours a day. Another reason for that is that they are able to set up and arrange their workspace in a way that suits them best. Setting up a home office is easy if you approach it wisely.