Tavern Community Coworking: a More Connected Future

Tavern is a coworking in NYC play on community membership that emphasizes the importance of social interaction in a world gone remote. Reportedly, by 2025, more than 32.6 million Americans will work from home, increasing feelings of isolation. Tavern has emerged as a resolution to the newly transformed workforce, providing members with a sense of community. 

Traditional coworking models are no longer making the cut, with many of its members describing the environments as expensive, lonely, and boring. While coworking usage has doubled, only 7% of its users prefer it to offices due to traditional methods not actively working to make the spaces inviting. Taverns’ number one priority is to curate real connections among members to curb the feeling of isolation in the newly remote landscape. They use underutilized spaces such as restaurants, bars, or hotels to facilitate these gatherings. This sustainable model ensures accessibility without compromising quality or inclusivity.  

Tavern stands out as an innovative and vibrant solution to the newly remote system, in which fostering genuine human connection, leveraging existing spaces, and promoting sustainability are high priorities. As this “work from home” trend continues to develop, Tavern has already established itself as a reliable source for those seeking a community.

​Coworking Spaces in NYC
Source: Tavern Community