Ferrari Energy CEO Adam Ferrari Discusses 5 Traits Businesses Should Look for in Remote Employees

With the world being turned upside down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it seems that more and more people are beginning to work from home in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. Because of this, businesses need to be even more particular when it comes to hiring new employees.

In this article, Adam Ferrari, CEO of Ferrari Energy, discusses the character traits businesses should look for when hiring remote employees.

1. Self-Discipline

To work from home successfully, employees need to be able to self-regulate their workflow. There is no manager looking over their shoulder or anyone around to keep them on task, so those who can not stick to a schedule may fall behind. This is perhaps one of the most important things to consider for potential employees because, without self-discipline, they likely will not complete their work on time or will hand in rushed work due to procrastination.

2. Strong Communication Skills

One of the biggest things most business owners value in employees is effective and efficient communication. If an employee struggles to communicate with coworkers while working from home, they could create issues amongst the team and delay deadlines. If an employee struggles to communicate with their team, it may be best to reconsider hiring them to work remotely.

3. Ability to Troubleshoot

While it’s important for employees to communicate with management and coworkers, it’s also crucial that they can solve problems on their own. This is more important while working from home, as they will likely be dealing with increased technical issues and general confusion around tasks that may have been relatively straightforward while working from the office. Ideally, remote workers will have the ability to understand the majority of assigned tasks and will only reach out with questions they cannot answer on their own.

4. Flexibility

COVID has caused many businesses to change their business models, which has challenged employees to continuously adapt. Because of this, employees that are working from home must be flexible. In addition to this flexibility, they should also effectively communicate boundaries and expectations with superiors, so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

5. Reliability

The reliability of remote workers is essential. If you cannot trust them to get their work done consistently, they cannot be an asset to the company while working from home.

Despite the challenges of hiring during this time, many people will make exceptional remote workers. Knowing what to look for when hiring remote employees can allow business owners to make smarter and more informed hiring decisions, which will only stand to benefit the business in the long term.

About Adam Ferrari

Ferrari Energy CEO Adam Ferrari originally trained to become a chemical engineer, eventually completing his degree Magna Cum Laude. After gaining experience in both energy and finance, he decided to launch Ferrari Energy from the ground up. Ferrari was intent on educating mineral owners on how to manage their assets. With close ties to the community, Adam made it a priority to support various organizations, including Denver Rescue Mission and Next Steps of Chicago.