Brain Health and Cognition: Boosting Your Focus Naturally

Have you noticed that your daily coffee isn’t packing the same punch as it used to? You could be experiencing a caffeine tolerance which means any caffeine is metabolized before you can see the effects. Many people start drinking more caffeinated beverages in an attempt to increase their energy and focus, but unhealthy caffeine intake is not a healthy or sustainable practice. What’s more, caffeine doesn’t actually increase your focus at all!

Building up your brain health will improve your focus much more than caffeine consumption. Certain vitamins can improve memory, focus, and even lower risks of dementia and Alzheimers. These substances are known as nootropics, and they can be found in food, beverages, or in supplements. They increase cognitive functioning including mood, productivity, and attention span by working with the brain. Increasing your brain health with vitamins can also improve sleep patterns, social involvement, and reduce stress!

Consumers strongly prefer natural substances to prevent disease, so more people are turning away from popular caffeinated beverages and turning to natural options. Drinks that include green tea, elderberry, and guarana are popular alternatives to coffee that provide a boost of energy by working with the body’s natural clock while also improving focus naturally. Learn more about the benefits of natural ingredients in the infographic below:

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