Are You Standing Out or Just Standing Still?

A new expert report by B2B marketing agency Renegade, LLC, takes a hard look at some of our most shameful habits as B2B marketers. Renegade’s CEO Drew Neisser notes that when it comes down to making a name for ourselves, it’s the ones who break out of the crowd that win.

Fortune Favors the Brave… Who Dare to Be Different

CMOs, with their almost dangerous level of expectations, are often tasked with effecting change within an organization, especially when times are tough. That can mean having the guts to go against the status quo and speak up about what needs to change in order to foster success. Finding ways to get things done, whether it be finding a way to get product faster or finding a way to learn how to beat the CAM License Test, there are endless things needing to be done, and ways of accomplishing them found.

Positioning Your Company as a Unicorn in a Field of Horses

Trusted marketing basics are there for a reason, and sometimes you have to go back to the beginning to find the truths within your corporate culture.

One of the first lessons in the special report aims to light a fire under every struggling B2B marketer who’s still playing it safe and wondering why they’re not making waves. Effective business strategy isn’t about doing the exact same thing as everyone else, it’s about innovation!

Renegade’s new special report, “How to Drive Effective B2B Brand Strategy in 2020,” pulls together some of the top business insights from over 350 CMOs Neisser interviews for his popular podcast, “Renegade Thinkers Unite,” as well as his Ad Age column. Taking the expert marketing wisdom from the pros, Neisser distilled their teachings into 12 powerful steps that you too can take to rise to the top. Not only building from expert testimony, but this report also used the agency’s depth of experience working with B2B brands to build conclusions.

These same CMOs need to find ways to bring the company’s focus back into itself. Not in terms of affected navel-gazing, but by doing the hard work of corporate positioning.

Experience and great advice leads the Renegade report to suggest that the old practice of crafting a positioning statement is exactly what a lot of struggling marketing groups need to do to find their inner unicorn.

“In reality, most B2B brands are marginally different from their competitors and it becomes the marketer’s job to uncover something distinctive,” the report notes. “The exercise many turn to is often called positioning, which is literally how a brand is different from its self-defined competitive set.”

Great team exercises like this on, next-step work on revising that language into something that employees and clients can relate to (and remember), and more expert advice follows with a total of 12 great insights for improving your marketing business. Read the full report for insightful How To’s and more.