3 Tips for Designing a Functional and Stylish Work from Home Office

Work from home offices do not have to be any less stylish or appealing than a space in an office building. As workers continue to work remotely, they are spending even more time at home in their offices. These spaces need to be both practical and comfortable to create working environments that foster productivity. NYC-based corporate event planners 23 Layers offer some tips for creating your perfect in-home office space to make remote work more enjoyable.

work from home space

1. Create a dedicated office space, even if it is not in an office.

Having a designated space to work is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity. When workers simply use a laptop to work from their bed or couch, they are not as productive as they could be. Moving away from other screens, such as televisions or gaming devices, is a good idea to avoid tempting distractions as well.

Stay away from busy rooms in the house as well. If there are children at home, create a space that is far enough away from play areas to block out the noise and promote working in peace.

While workers do not technically have to have a dedicated office, the space should be quiet and stable. When they go to that space, they know that it is time to work. In general, having a space with a door that can be shut is a good idea.

2. Declutter and remove distractions.

A functional space means that the worker has everything they need to get the job done, and very little else. Corporate event planners, for example, often only need a computer, a phone, and a few feel-good items to get their work done successfully.

Removing unnecessary items and distractions can be a huge productivity booster for workers. It also puts the employee in the mood to work, rather than clean their house, play with the kids, or watch television.

3. Personalize the space by making it comfortable and motivating.

In an office setting, workers often do not get to choose their furniture or furnishings in general. When designing a home office, workers can and should choose furnishings that make them comfortable and happy.

For example, Jessica Boskoff, founder and CEO of Twenty Three Layers, a company filled with creative corporate event planners, placed her work from home space in her library. She explains: “I’ve taken up office space in my new library, filled with tons of color-coordinated books. If I need a break from the day, I grab a design book to flip through, and it helps me clear my head.” As the leader of an award-winning corporate event planning company in NYC, having a space that fosters creativity is a must for Boskoff.

Add things that increase comfort and happiness, like plants, comfy furniture, a mood board, inspirational photos or paintings, and desk accessories. Just because hard work is being done does not mean that the space has to be stiff, dull, or uncomfortable.

Making the space user-friendly helps avoid some of the negative feelings associated with having to work at home through the pandemic in the first place.