How to Make Zoom Meetings Enjoyable

How to Make Zoom Meetings More Enjoyable

Zoom Video Communications Incorporated allows up to one hundred (100) people from different locations to meet virtually. It is a cloud-based video telephony and online chat platform used for teleworking, distance learning, conference calls, and social relations.

Zoom was launched in 2013 but became increasingly popular in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses and schools had to close their doors, forcing people to work from home and engage in distance education. Families and friends could not visit each, so they had to use video conferencing calls to stay connected and share important milestones, such as weddings, graduations, funerals, and birthdays.

Why Zoom Meetings Have Become Boring and Tedious

The World Health Organization (WHO) officially advised that the COVID-19 should be characterized as a pandemic on March 11 2020. Since then many people have been sitting around their electronic devices and communicating with each other via Zoom. This has resulted in “Zoom Fatigue”. “Zoom Fatigue” is exhaustion caused by excessive use of online platforms of communication. The following are three causes of “Zoom Fatigue”:

1. Video conferencing lacks empathy, personality, and humor because many persons are unable to make and keep eye contact.

2. Reduced movement because cameras have a set line of sight that inhibits people’s range of motion.

3. Communication is harder because non-verbal cues and gestures are exaggerated.

How to Make Zoom Meetings Enjoyable

Zoom meetings have become boring because many of them do not have a defined purpose and most of the information discussed could have been shared via a document. The CEO of Operation Benjamin, Shalom Lamm has opined that the temporary closure of organizations means individuals are safe inside their homes. However, staying indoors and using Zoom to communicate with each other has made people inactive and lazy.

Here are five ways to make a Zoom meeting enjoyable:

1. Mind-Building Exercises / Games

Focusing on one topic can become boring. Shalom Lamm believes the brain is a muscle that should be exercised to ensure it is in top form. Engage in mind-building exercises and trivia to build cognitive function and encourage bonding between Zoom participants.

2. Humor

Start the meeting off with a joke or funny story to put participants in a good mood. Humor will not only make the meeting go by faster, but it will push members of the meeting to participate.

3. Digital Museum/Zoo Trip

Many museums and zoos have closed their doors due to the pandemic. Shalom believes that museums and zoos should offer interactive tours to ensure they remain relevant in society.

Take a virtual tour of a museum or zoo at the end of a meeting. Participants will be encouraged to take part in the meeting so that it flows smoothly and quickly.

4. Visuals

The attention span of individuals has decreased significantly since the age of technology. Use visuals, such as diagrams and drawings to grab the attention of participants and present information.

5. Fix Technical Issues before the Meeting Starts

There have been many Zoom meetings where the audio and video of participants were incorrectly set up. Fixing these issues during a meeting is a waste of time and causes other participants to lose interest.

Ensure that all devices are in proper working order and offer training sessions on how to set up Zoom before scheduling a meeting.

Lastly, encourage the host and participants to find a suitable location to have Zoom meetings. These locations should be free from distractions, comfortable, and equipped with fast internet.