ZTE Security: Protecting Data in a Digital World

ZTE Corporation has been a global leader in many technological fields and data protection is no exception. The company recently received a TRUSTe Certification from the German privacy-compliance experts at TrustArc, which is just one of the many such awards the company has received over the past few years.

Comprehensive Data Protection Mechanisms 


ZTE works to protect consumer data in several ways, not only because it is a legal requirement but because doing so is one of the company’s core beliefs. The company explains on its official Twitter account that “#Dataprivacy matters as it is a fundamental human right.”


This commitment is evident through the first method: all products are designed with privacy protection in mind. Because of these built-in safeguards, customers can be assured that hackers won’t steal their data.


The ZTE Privacy Protection White Paper explains that an internal control mechanism ensures standards meet specifications. The self-audit inspection team makes sure that all legal requirements and internal data metrics are satisfied.


Next, the management system ensures that each ZTE office, data center, and other facilities maintain compliance with the Data Protection Compliance Commitment, signed in 2019, which requires each part of the data chain to uphold the strictest privacy standards.


Finally, service delivery ensures that every company that works with ZTE and its customer base receives the highest level of care for their data. Consumers are protected at every level of service by the industry-leading standards the company has set.


These are just a few parts of their award-winning, closed-loop, end-to-end, and process-based privacy protection management system. Customers who want their data to be safe and secure know that ZTE is the best in the business.


Achievements and Certifications in Data Protection 


In addition to ZTE receiving the TRUSTe Certificate, they have also received numerous other achievements, awards, certifications, and recognition.


In 2021, ZTE received the prestigious Privacy Strategy Contribution Award from the British Standards Institute for its work in consumer data protection.


That same year, the company also received the ISO/IEC 27701:2019 international standard certificate for PIMS (Privacy Information Management System), which cemented its place as an industry leader in the art of maintaining information privacy.


The importance of these certifications and achievements cannot be overstated, as thousands of companies worldwide are eligible, but only a few, if any, have received as many awards as ZTE has over the past few years, which is consistent with their position as an industry leader.


That dedication to consumer protection is reflected in one of the company’s mottos: “Security in DNA, Trust Through Transparency”. This means that security is intrinsic in every level of the company’s work, including suppliers, vendors, staffing, infrastructure, and everything in between.


“Trust Through Transparency” reflects the company’s vision of making sure that customers understand how important data protection is to the company, not simply because it is a legal requirement, but because it is one of the core values that guides ZTE in every decision, product, and process they are involved in.


As privacy laws can vary greatly from country to country, ZTE’s global dominance in data protection shows that its standards are high enough to meet and often surpass those requirements and to deliver the highest quality service possible.


With each new certification or award that ZTE Security receives, both customers and stakeholders can be satisfied that the company continues to be committed to the cause of protecting their data at every level of service.

Building Trust in a Digital World 

One of the most important things for any company in our increasingly digital age is consumer trust. If technology users don’t trust a particular corporation, they will be hesitant to use their products or services. With ZTE Security, consumers can be certain that their data and privacy are protected.


Additionally, stakeholders can be assured that their money is safe because they know the company will not be involved in a costly data breach that could jeopardize their investment or, even worse, affect their personal and professional reputations.


2018 study by Accenture reveals that, of the 7,000 companies worldwide surveyed across various industries, 54% had experienced a loss of consumer trust over things like data breaches, bad publicity, corporate mishaps, and other issues.


The study conservatively estimated that $180 billion in revenue was lost due to that lack of trust, although the actual figure could be significantly higher. This was the first major study that showed what corporations like ZTE have understood for years: consumers are significantly more likely to purchase products and services from companies that protect their data and privacy.


From this data, it can be assumed that companies like ZTE that make the protection of a customer’s personal data a priority will have staying power and will continue to dominate the market for years to come, because these customers no longer have to worry about having that information leaked out.


Consumers can trust that the roughly 72,000 worldwide employees of ZTE Security will uphold the company’s standards and ensure that their data will be protected from hackers, data breaches, and other forms of cybercrime.


These are a few of the many reasons why ZTE Security has been and will continue to be a leader in data protection around the world. By adhering to these beliefs and guiding principles, they will continue to gain consumer trust and set the global standard for the technology industry.