Your Mind on Unlimited Screen Time

As we have necessarily become more dependent on our devices and technology in order to stay healthy, work from home, or even get an education remotely during the last few years – we all have had a devastating impact from such technologies. While you may have considered how these changes have affected your mental health as an adult, children and adolescents who are in fact much more impressionable are particularly effected by such factors as negative influences online, harmful content, and a continuous barrage of blue light.

While harmful, you can do a lot to turn around such unrestricted and unlimited screen time. Practicing healthier online habits such as the installation of a proper internet filter is a must in today’s age of continuous screen time. Unfiltered phone time can cause disasters such as car accidents caused by distracted driving. Do cell phone tickets affect insurance? They can, and that is another reason to limit phone time.

  • Here are a few statistics of note that may make you consider how critically important such an internet filter and parental controls is:
  • 65% of younger teen’s want their families to provide such parental control software
  • about 1 out of 5 parents don’t bother having parental controls as they think that their kids can easily bypass them
  • 43% of children ages 8-13 speak to strangers online, and often without their parents permission

Learn more about how unlimited screen time is impacting your mind for the worse along with what you can do about it in the infographic below:

This Is Your Mind Online: What Unlimited Screen Time Does To Kids