Working Post-Covid

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been one of the largest global health crises in recorded history, with far reaching consequences throughout the world. When the crisis first intensified in early 2020, families were forced to quarantine for extended periods of time. A year later, people are still struggling to adapt to “the new normal,” and the future is difficult to see.

Diego Ruiz Duran leads a team of criminal defense attorneys at a firm in Mexico City, and has never been afraid to take on the toughest cases. His firm takes on a great deal of pro bono work to further the causes of social justice, and he has a particular interest in protecting his clients’ civil rights through an extensive study of constitutional law. Unlike America, Mexico doesn’t have a strictly rigid constitution, and in fact the laws are often evolving each and every day, and transparency in legal procedures is not always clear. That’s why he is such a fierce advocate for all of his clients, regardless of their ability to pay.

Adjusting to life after Covid has been difficult for each and every one of us, and everywhere we go we’re reminded of just how severe that this pandemic has been. It started with masks and social distancing, and has started to evolve into new concepts for retail space, new approaches to the ways that we shop and eat, and a return to spending much more time at home. And the legal profession has definitely been affected. Court dockets are now more backed up than ever, and attorneys must now do much of their preparations for trials through new and updated procedures. But he has implemented multiple new procedures to be able to continue providing the same top quality legal representation that they have come to expect over the years no matter what.

What this means is transitioning as much of the process of consultation and discovery to email and online video conferencing. He has always been a fan of working face to face with all of his clients, but more and more people are getting accustomed to this format. Most clients already have the means to participate using their own computer, mobile device, or smartphone, and if that doesn’t work, an old fashioned phone call is still a great way to do business.

Many legal proceedings such as depositions have already been collected remotely, and even court cases can be heard over the video. Diego Ruiz Duran makes it a point to stay familiar with the current procedures, and to prepare his clients before they are questioned by prosecutors during a deposition or a court case. He knows his clients’ rights, and will make sure that they are protected at all times, and that they receive a fair trial.

Vaccines are being administered now, and the future is uncertain. But he is determined to be ready for whatever comes in the future.