Working as an Entrepreneur in the COVID-19 Age

Helen Lee Schifter is someone who has written quite extensively on a variety of subjects revolving around the Coronavirus health pandemic. Her mission and the tenor of her pieces and writing has been an urgent call for the public to take the threats posed by the health pandemic more seriously than they presently are. Indeed, in certain parts of the Northeast states have indeed done a good job of managing the crisis. But the same cannot be said unfortunately, about other parts of the country.

Accordingly, Helen Lee Schifter and others like her have tried to express a strong stance concerning the need for all to embrace the urgency of this volatile situation. In particular, younger people have for a variety of reasons taken a more lax approach to the largest health pandemic that we have ever experienced as a nation, and even as a world. This is particularly troubling for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, although it is true that young people might not have the same personal safety and security risks as older populations, that’s no excuse for them to not take this health pandemic seriously. Firstly, they can certainly still be carriers if contracted the disease, which would put all those around them at risk. And of course, there are cases where young people have contracted the coronavirus and suffered devastating consequences. This attitude needs to change.