Women Entrepreneurs: How They Inspire Us  

Women Entrepreneurs: How They Inspire Us

People are still looking for equality in the workplace. Gender discrimination is still there. Men are still getting paid to do the same jobs that women are doing. Many feel that this is not fair. Women have had enough and are taking matters into their own hands. They are becoming entrepreneurs. Helen Schifter finds this to be very inspirational. Schifter is inspired by these women taking charge and not accepting no as an answer.

Strong Views

At one time women were told that their views on the world and their opinions did not matter. They were told that they did not know what they were talking about and what they thought was wrong. That is changing when women are taking charge. They are showing that they have the skills and knowledge to be successful. For example, Arianna Huffington formed the Huffington Post. This news outlet is one of the largest in the world. The company is worth over $315 million. This shows that women do not have to be afraid to express their views.


When it comes to marketing and selling products women have figured out how to do so. They have been able to work with other leaders. They also take the time to study what the customer is looking for and they know that quality is important. This is how they are able to get their ideas out there. They have some good advice and since no one would listen, women have decided to use it to help their business. They have found success with this. If a woman has an idea and she does some research she can find success on her own.

Share Information

Once a woman has found success and has worked as an entrepreneur she wants to help others. She does not see the point in keeping others in the dark when she can share information with them and help them along the way. These women have found success providing information to startups and sharing tips that have made their businesses work. These tips are also helping them find internet success. Some of these women are influencers and they have gone on to make a lot of money by sharing their advice.


These women know what it means to be determined. They would not give up. Opening and running a business is not going to be easy. There will be a huge time commitment and dedication to the area. These women kept ongoing and they were determined to be successful. They stood by in a hard time and they were not willing to put their dream aside. This is very important for those that want to have a business and find success.
These are some ways Helen Schifter believes that women entrepreneurs can be an inspiration. They took a risk and went on to find fame. A woman does not have to be afraid to go out for herself. She can take a chance and have a good business and help other women succeed.