Will Open Houses Become Virtual?

Open houses are a lot less popular than they once were. According to professional realtor and instructor, Shalom Lamm, this is due to the fact that people are afraid of coronavirus exposure and technology has grown to be so magnified that customers don’t need to waste their time. 

With cameras that have three-hundred-and-sixty degree lenses, the need for in-person tours is becoming irrelevant. Every nook and cranny of a home can be surfaced through virtual interactions or images. Real estate agents can also Zoom or FaceTime with clients for an equally satisfying experience. Housing customs are definitely changing every day. Realtors will soon be springing more times behind their computers rather than preparing open houses. Apps like Zillow and Realtor.com make it so much easier for clients to see in-depth images and videos of the property. Shalom Lamm thinks that in a few years, every open house will be virtual.