Why Smart Homes Are So Popular

Smart homes are quickly gaining popularity all across the world. These homes utilize multiple smart devices to optimize efficiency and make daily tasks more efficient for homeowners. Devices can also save money on utilities by automating lights, sinks, and showers, making smarthomes more cost effective.

Did you know that smart light bulbs can save $35 per bulb every year? Lights can automatically turn off when you leave a room or after you go to sleep which means you can save money on your monthly electric bill. Other appliances can be replaced by smart devices such as shower heads, thermostats, and water heaters and wireless charging. By automating these devices, homeowners can save thousands every year between their different utilities. 

Many homeowners also use devices to increase their home security. Smart security systems are the third most popular use of smart devices in homes today. Consumers can use smart devices to watch their homes while they’re away which can help with the security and protection of their property.

Smart devices in homes have many uses and benefits. From saving money, to additional security it’s no surprise that many consumers prefer to buy homes that have multiple smart devices. To learn about the many benefits of smart homes, take a look at the infographic below:

Smart Devices and Homes of the Future