Why Passion is the Key Separator Between Successful Entrepreneurs

Ask any average entrepreneur what he or she likes about being in business, and they will most likely come back with a canned response about the freedom, the money, or the tax write-offs.  Then, ask that same question to someone that has amassed a much more sizable amount of wealth what they think makes them better than average, and they will tell you they believe in what they are doing.

While you don’t have to have a mission to “change the way the world turns” in your business plan, you do need to have a serious passion about the line of work or business sector you are operating in on a daily basis.  When you love your business as an entrepreneur, you put yourself in an entirely new category for success. 

There are many facets to how a business owner can be passionate about his or her business.  They could love the product they sell, perhaps due to the emotional connection that exists when people create things.  They could also be enamored with the customer base they service and the relationships they cultivate over time.  Often time, in a service-oriented business, customer relationships become life long friends who golf, dine, and even travel together. 

It even could be the fact that the business was built in a way that allows the owners to be themselves and make it feel like they are going about life without having to make any drastic changes compared to if they weren’t working. 

Instead of chasing the “shiny object” (think of network marketing, bitcoin, and get rich quick schemes,) think outside the box and do things that you are in love with.   

For one New York man, that dream was to own the most lavish cigar lounge in the City.  A cigar lounge that attracted the wealthy and famous people who call New York City home.  This unnamed man built the bar that now is home to A-list celebrities, wealthy City residents, and anyone who can afford the steep price tag for cigars and drinks.  The best part of this whole business is that the owner gets to hang around with his customers, enjoy fine cigars, drink delicious libations, and take in the amazing scenery that visits his establishment on a daily basis.  Living out a dream, that in reality, is hanging out somewhere he’d hang out at anyway, is something that many people dream of, but most don’t do. 

“When you do what you love, you love what you do,” is a quote from Florida Entrepreneur and Author Tim Schmidt, a single father who has been in online marketing since 2001.  Schmidt was very open in sharing his path to success when reached via a Zoom call, and he credits his time dedicated to projects that allow him to be creative and talk about things that he has a lot of connection with.  His latest venture is a website and social media presence where he shares his love of tequila across all major platforms including his growing website, https://www.tequilareviews.com

While the project is in it’s infancy, “it’s something I do anyway, tasting rare tequilas and mezcals and share my thoughts on them with others,” said Schmidt. 

Young entrepreneurs need to understand that they need to wake up every morning and feel like it’s a weekend, no matter what day of the week it is.  When getting up and performing a task feels like a job, it’s definitely something that will turn into a rut.  Finding your passion, and backing a career path into that passion, is the best way to get ahead in life and create success that far surpasses your wildest dreams.