Why Parents Can Be Strict on Their Children

Being a parent is one of the biggest blessings that a person can receive. Some people dream about the day when they get to become a parent. You see pictures of kids with their parents all over social media. Smiles painted on their faces and giggles you swear you can hear through your screen. That is what people dream of. Just like everything else, no one sees what happens behind the scenes. Being a parent and parenting are two different things. Being a parent means you have children, but parenting is defined by the act of raising children. Teaching them lessons and making sure they grow up to be respectful adults. Cory Harow is said to believe that being strict at the right times is necessary. One has probably heard the saying at least once in their life, ” discipline your children at home when they are young.” If a child grows up with no clear lines of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable, that there are consequences for one’s actions, how are they expected to know them when they grow into adults? The whole parenting act is so complicated. What is a right punishment? There is no clear answer to that question. 

There are guidelines, however. The punishment must fit the crime, but it also has to be age-appropriate. If a toddler hits another person a time-out is a good punishment since a toddler is still learning that hitting is not acceptable. If a teenager hits, a time-out is not an appropriate punishment since that teenager knows that hitting is wrong and made a conscious decision to do it anyway. Now let us talk about the situation where the child either knows right from wrong and still chooses wrong. One can safely assume that that child either one, does not care whether or not they get punished or two, that the punishment that they have received in the past is not working. At that moment, a parent must consider Cory Harow and his belief. Sometimes as parents, one has to make a hard decision and have a very strict and at sometimes long punishment in order to teach the child that whatever they have done or are continuing to repeat is not acceptable and the child has to, in some terms, suffer to get a clear understanding. It is not cruel to teach your child a lesson. Just like the saying that was mentioned earlier, if a child is disciplined at home and grows up knowing consequences, then when that child grows into an adult, they will know right from wrong and choose right. 

As parents, one has to understand that just because they are parents to a toddler right now does not mean that their toddler will stay that way forever. Parents must keep in mind that they are not raising boys or girls, that they are raising future men and women.