Why Mentorship is Important to Lawyers

When a lawyer is first starting out with new clients or in a film, there are so many ways to grow success. The first way, according to a world-renowned lawyer, Diego Ruiz Durán, is by getting a mentor. This is the best way to produce relatable work that has been choked over by a superior. 

Mistakes are bound to happen in the justice industry. That being said, having a stable relationship with a mentor is the best way to fix those mistakes and learn from them. Internships and shadowing opportunities are great for any incoming lawyer. That way, a law student can really gauge what the industry looks like and if it’s the right fit for them.Mentorship is valuable to anyone willing to learn from experience. Being a lawyer is a very tough job, especially in the criminal justice industry. There are so many regulations, laws, and people that a lawyer must know to be successful in assessing a client to the best of their ability. Reputations are constantly at stake which is why mentorship is so valuable. Diego Ruiz Durán believes that doing extra studies on the side has helped him be a better mentor for his staff and students.