Why Make A Youtube Channel

YouTube has been one of the biggest platforms on the internet for almost a decade. It has been an outlet for many artists, filmmakers, actors, bloggers, and chefs to demonstrate their abilities online. Ken Kurson has a YouTube channel. The many artists that collaborate on YouTube also have the possibility of making money. 

Influencers can use their skills to create revenue. The way it works is through brand deals or by sponsorships. For example, a makeup artist can make a deal with a major makeup company to review their products. The influencer will not only get free makeup or payment but also revenue based on the number of views they receive. It is a great way for audiences to connect as well. YouTube has thousands of different channels specifically for different audiences. Do you like cake decorating videos? Not a problem, there are several thousand to choose from. Overall, channels have the liberty of creating any content they want as long as it corresponds with YouTube guidelines. Channels like Ken Kurson have a diverse array of content.