Why it is Important to Graduate from High School

Graduating from high school is an important step in going to lead a successful life, it is not the main factor, but it is an important indicator. Andrew Napolitano believes that receiving a high school diploma will likely make a person more successful and have the ability to go to college and have a successful career.

There are many things you learn while in high school that translate to being successful in college or post secondary education such as trade schools. One of those things is the ability to start something and finish it. While in elementary and middle school there is not much accountability on the student as they are young and still really dependent on their parents or guardians. Once they get to high school there is more self-dependence when it comes to waking up and getting on the school bus every day. Once that is done then there is self-dependence of actually attending class on a daily basis which if they do not wish to attend then there are many opportunities to do so. So the ability to start and finish high school takes a level of discipline because there are a lot of distractions that are in play such as peer pressure, that can stop a student from completing the task of going to school and attending class. Those factors translate very well in post secondary education and college as well as working a good paying job.

Another valuable lesson learned in high school that will translate to college or a professional job is completing tasks. When in high school students are given numerous tasks to complete, homework, that if not completed they will not receive the necessary grades to complete high school. When given homework there is not a mandatory option that a student must complete it, the student is given the option to complete the work knowing that if it is not done they will get a bad grade. While in college or a professional job there will be tasks that will need to be completed and not only completed but completed in a timely fashion just as in high school. Also while completing homework or tasks some of those assignments are group projects, so a student will learn to work with others. When working with others students get the opportunity to learn their teammates and how to get the best out of their teammate, so they can complete the work to the best of their ability. Working with others is a skill when going into a professional setting because most likely unless a person is an entrepreneur they will be working with others. Also, when completing homework or tasks you made to ask the teacher for assistance so that works on your communicating skills. Those communicating skills will be helpful when pursuing secondary education or a professional job. Communication skills are essential when dealing with people which is also a skill that is needed in a professional setting. Andrew Napolitano being a former judge would also agree that communication skills learned in high school will assist in a person being successful once graduating from high school.

Those are just some skills learned in high school that make it important to graduate high school. Graduating from high school is one of the things people can do to have a successful trajectory in life.