Why is SEO Marketing in Auckland Important for Your Website?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most sustainable way of marketing your site. Making use of SEO for creating your audience as well as generating more leads onto your site is very important for the website’s success. 

  • Over 70% of the B2B researchers begin their purchasing process with the generic search.
  • Around 89% of shoppers conduct research online before making big purchases.
  • Around 93% of the online experiences start with the search engine.

Here are some benefits of performing SEO Auckland on your site and having consistent search engine maintenance.

Advantages of performing search engine optimization onto your website

 Low cost than PPC

Organic SEO is a very low cost. This just costs regular time in good content and a healthy dose of patience at your side. Whenever you find yourself at a top of the organic search results, you will sit back & watch your traffic to come in. It is without any need for the monthly budget on PPC advertising like Google Adwords. Problem with the PPC advertising like the Google Adwords is when the budget runs out, the traffic stops. Essentially, search engine optimization Auckland is a gift that will keep on giving. When your website content matures online, it’s indexed by the search engines such as Google & you create the backlinks on your site pages. People link to the content & your website gets authority on a specific theme and focus topic. The net effect is more of organic site traffic. It is brought by better keyword ranks for your site.

Credibility and Trust

Websites that seem higher in search results can be viewed as credible and trustworthy. Actually, around 98% of searchers select the business that will be listed on page 1 of results. That is because many people feel like websites on top are best. These days, everybody “Googles” what they need and suppose your website comes at a top during this search you positioned yourself as a credible and trustworthy choice.


Unless you’re the FedEx of industry, it is less likely your customers will be typing in the brand when looking for your products or services. But, if the customers begin searching & find your brand or product is consistently at and near the top for the searches, it goes a very long way to build brand equity.

Go for Quality Traffic

The potential customers are looking for products or services on the internet. Including SEO allows every page on the website to be the entry point for the customers. The beauty of the well-designed SEO company Auckland strategy is you can hit the potential customers at each stage of buying funnel and ensuring that you are the first choice when they are ready to make the decision.

It is one kind of investment for future

Whenever you research & learn about search engine optimization you may undoubtedly hear “SEO is the process” & “results do not happen overnight” which is totally true. Whenever you invest in the SEO strategy you’re doing so by knowing that payoff of efforts generally will not happen for six to nine months. But, when the efforts are realized you gain from the free traffic for the foreseeable future.

Produces higher ROI than any other marketing channels

As per the statistics from the Search Engine Journal, Search engine optimization generated leads have 14.6% of the close rate, whereas outbound leads (like direct mail and print advertising) have 1.7% of the close rate.

Cost-effective marketing

Search engine optimization is the cost-effective type of marketing as you’re engaging somebody when they have made an action to go to Google & type over something related to the product and service that you are offering.