Why Concrete Furniture is a Smart Investment for Your Outdoor Space

In the not-so-distant past, it was rare to find the words concrete and furniture in the same sentence. After all, isn’t concrete a material used to build skyscrapers and bridges? While the use of concrete remained primarily within the construction industry at one point, today it is enjoying renewed popularity and many additional uses.

concrete furniture investment

One surprising way that manufacturers are using concrete is to create outdoor furniture. Consumers love the look of the material and how it can blend in well with other furniture pieces. They also appreciate the durability and strength of concrete furniture.

Cement-based outdoor furniture has proven itself able to withstand everything from the heaviest winds to rotting caused by a buildup of excess moisture. Not only are people buying concrete furnishings for their home, but businesses and exterior decorators have picked up on the trend as well.

Read on to discover why these seemingly utilitarian material has gained favor alongside more traditional options.

Shopping Tips When Purchasing Concrete Furniture

People who have never purchased furniture made with concrete before may want to start slow incorporating pieces into their outdoor living space. Although concrete furniture can provide an elegant look, it can take some adjustment for those used to more traditional options.

For an outdoor space, homeowners might consider starting with something like a standing lighting fixture to ensure they like the look of concrete pieces. If everyone else living in the home likes the look of several small pieces like tabletop decorations, they can progress to purchasing a table, chairs, and other furniture items.

Another thing to keep in mind is that people love concrete furniture for its textured feel and unique aesthetic appearance. Compared to other types of furniture, concrete has a block-like appearance. Technology has evolved to the point that some pieces of concrete have more lines and curves, but consumers should understand this isn’t the norm.

Functionality and Aesthetics Make Concrete a Unique Choice

A piece of concrete furniture is likely to last beyond the lifetime of its owner and several subsequent generations. Here are just some of the functional benefits homeowners, business owners, and decorators can expect when selecting cement furnishings:

  • Resistant to heat and cold
  • Able to hold several hundred pounds without buckling
  • Resistant to gouges and scratches
  • Does not warp
  • Resistant to stains and weather damage
  • Easy to repair if the piece does sustain damage
  • Concrete is a non-toxic material that doesn’t harbor dust
  • Safe to place food on a concrete table without worrying about odors or toxicity
  • Some manufacturers create concrete furniture with hollowed-out centers to decrease the weight

Concrete furniture offers many style options when it comes to selecting pieces for an outdoor living space. Contrary to what some people may believe about concrete, manufacturers can create it using several different colors besides the traditional steel gray. People also have numerous choices for texture, including glossy or non-glossy. The shape options for concrete are expanding as well.

Homeowners and others with available outdoor space should consider the typical weather patterns in their area of the country. These weather and climate trends should influence selections for outdoor furniture sets.

Windy climates, for example, require heavier furniture while people in rainy climates need to spend more time caring for their concrete to prevent water damage. After installing the new pieces outdoors, it’s time to celebrate by inviting people over to enjoy an outdoor meal.