Why CBD Should Not Be Underestimated: How It Can Help You Live Longer And Stronger

While most people look at CBD as an offspring of marijuana, they are mistaken to do so.  Simply put, it isn’t the same. One of the largest components of marijuana is the amount of THC that is infused into it. THC can also be known as the part of marijuana that gives you the “high” feeling. In any and all CBD products there is no THC added to it. 

Instead, as CBD leaves the user with a relaxed feeling that comes without a “high”.  As a matter of fact, it is essential to have cannabinoids in our bodies.  Most people are unaware that they help produce a calming feeling for us when used. Additionally, CBD is used as an alternative to over the counter pain medicine and normal medical prescriptions. Many people across the world do not have the resources to be able restock on normal pain medicine.  Enter CBD.   While CBD may be a little more expensive in some circumstances, you won’t have to purchase CBD products as often as you would a prescription that you could be taking, especially as you age.

Furthermore, CBD has many proclaimed health benefits such as reducing anxiety and depression, reduced pain in the body, calms the mind, increases the ability to sleep better, works as an anti-inflammatory agent, help addicts, and people who are suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. As Dr. Collins, a renowned Gerontologist states, it is important for the word to get out about CBD accurately, as well as how much it can help improve people’s lives.  If you haven’t read his latest Amazon book, Living Longer and Stronger with CBD, https://www.amazon.com/Living-Longer-Stronger-CBD-Collins/dp/0578910675 it’s time to get a copy!  In it you will learn that readers, “will have years of research at their fingertips” to back their decision of trying CBD products to improve and benefit their daily health.   Have a chronic health condition that is diagnosed?  CBD may be just the answer you’re looking for, although Dr. Collins reminds readers to always check with their practitioner first before adding a new tool to their medical toolkit.

Finally, it is essential to remember that even though people may doubt CBD and what it brings to the table, through all of the studies and “science-based evidence” that has been concluded by researchers all over the world, it’s worth giving CBD a try if you are looking to improve your life. And if you still are unsure about CBD, Dr. Collins’ book is perfect for you!