Why Buy Local Art?

There are many reasons for people to buy masterpieces from local artists versus wholesalers. Of course, it’s very exciting to purchase a new staple for any office or home space. However, supporting locally is what entrepreneurs like Alexander Djerassi would rather do. It comes down to supporting small businesses and being supportive of community affairs. 

When one goes on vacation there are usually artists that have shops open during the summer months. Usually, a year’s worth of revenue can be gained from having tourists come to visit and purchase artwork. With major wholesalers like Amazon, Walmart, and Ikea, the artwork is produced quickly and unauthentically. Although the prices might be cheaper, it’s very common a result of buying from a wholesaler can conclude in having the same artwork as millions of other people. Art needs to be unique. It was created so that individuals could stand out from each other and represent the local culture. It’s important that local artists get the change fro that representation and are respected across all mediums. Alexander Djerassi emphasizes that supporting local art boutiques and businesses can really shape the community and influence others to make purchases as well.