Why Becoming A Freight Agent Is A Great Idea In 2022

Are you looking for a stable, long-term job with great benefits and a fat paycheck? If so, becoming a freight agent might be a superb idea. Freight agents take charge of good transportation by truck and train from a manufacturer or supplier to a retail store or other locations.

As a freight agent, your job is to ensure that the goods in transit reach the right destination on time. Working as a freight agent comes with great opportunities and flexibility. It allows you to earn a worthy income while concentrating on other personal affairs.

But why should you become a freight agent in 2022? Here are some powerful reasons why this is a good idea:

No limitations on how much you can earn

Freight agents’ compensation relies on the number of goods they book and move from one destination to another. You will earn a commission for every load you move to a given destination.

How much you will take home depends on your efforts. If you are a self-motivated person, you can earn a fat check each month. The good thing is that you have no limitation on how much you can earn. So, you have the opportunity to maximize your income unlike in the 9-5 jobs.

You enjoy a flexible schedule

Do you hate waking up early and living your workstation late? You have a schedule of what you need to accomplish each day. Certainly, many people love independence. You desire to work when you want and prefer.

This is what becoming a freight agent hands to you. You have a flexible schedule. This job does not pay you for your time. Rather, you get compensation for your efforts. In this essence, you have the freedom to work at your convenient time and place. 

However, it does not mean that you work for some hours. Sometimes, freight agents work for over 12 hours. You will need to put in extra effort if you want a fat check every month. But you will need to request for offs and sick leaves. You can take a leave or go for a holiday without any worries or begging for permission.  

Require low capital to start

Starting a business requires huge capital. You need to spend some costs on acquiring licenses, insurance, rent, payroll, and software. This aspect makes many potential entrepreneurs to avoid getting into the business world.

In the freight industry, these are different. You can become a freight agent without spending a lot of cash. All you will need is to join independent freight agent program from an established freight brokerage. This approach makes you the company’s representative.

However, you will be operating as an independent business serving your own customers through their platform. The company will benefit through shared profit or charge you some fees. As such, you will not need insurance and a license to start your business. 

Low monthly operational costs

To run an independent freight agent business, all you need is the internet, a smartphone, and transport management software. You do not need a physical office to run your affairs. Also, the freight broker you are working with can provide the TMS software. This aspect makes the cost of operating the freight agency low.

You will not incur overhead costs as you can work from home. Also, no commuting and another operational cost unless you decide to establish a physical office. So, the overall costs for operating a freight agency are relatively low. 

Zero territorial restrictions

When working as a freight agent, you have zero territorial limitations. Your role is to move a cargo from one destination to another. This means that you can offer services to everyone regardless of their location across the globe.

The ability to work with global clients enhances your scalability opportunities. Also, you have a chance to build global networks that can be useful in your future endeavors. So, there are zero territorial restrictions in the freight industry. 

Opportunity to work from home and achieve work-life balance

Everyone seeks to achieve a work-life balance. But with the modern challenges and high cost of living, many people do not realize this goal. They are always moving to and from work. no enough time to relax or spend with friends and family. Also, you will hardly go to gym sessions or work out.

For freight agents, the case is different. Their flexible schedule allows them to work from home and at any time they want. By becoming one, you will have enough time to spend with yourself and those you love and care about. Hence, you will easily realize the work-life balance.

In a word, becoming a freight agent is a worthwhile opportunity in 2022. The freight industry is growing and you will have a chance to grow your earnings.