Ken Kurson: Why a Positive Mentality Will Get a Person Far

It’s easy to assume that the people who have been so successful have been given the means to build their progression. Of course, that’s the easiest thing to assume. However, that’s actually very untrue. According to Book and Film Globe, Ken Kurson, a writer and media specialist, believes that the only thing needed to start a successful life is a positive mentality. 

Now, we’ve all been in situations where there doesn’t seem to be a positive solution. For example, Ken Kurson has been in situations in college where he didn’t think he’d pass a class. It wasn’t because he wasn’t smart enough. Truly, it was just because of all his commitments during his time at university. Students are taught to have a perfect, diverse resume, but that doesn’t seem to include the need to do well in classes. My recruiters forget that in order to have an amazing resume, one must multitask with extracurriculars. Kurson struggled with this as well.

However, after one night of feeling completely overwhelmed he thought to himself how silly it is that he’s stressing over a piece of paper. That evening, Kurson wrote down all his assignments, goals, and due dates in a planner. Slowly activities and events started feeling more controlled. Kurson realized he has more time to enjoy himself and play music. His attitude completely transpired and he felt positive about his future. 

Remember, Kurson went to college in the early 90s so he’s learned a lot since then. To this day he believes having a positive mentality will develop a person more than any books, documentaries, or research ever will. If a person has the consciousness to think unlike they ever have before, they can be very successful in their future endeavors. There is a step by step system the Kurson constructed to help get people out of a funk. He has used this method in all his aspirations and jobs.

The first step is to decompress. Whether that’s yoga, going for a run around the neighborhood, or watching your favorite cartoon. Do it. Kurson pleads that taking a  break from an overhauling scenario is the only way to clear the mind for a fresh start. The benefit of distracting oneself is not procrastination but the ability to assert control over the anxieties rolling in. In order to have a positive attitude, one just sees that positivity exists in many other things around them.

Next, planning and making a timeline are critical steps. One must concentrate on focusing that positivity into the plans one is making. By doing this, Kurson states that the body will feel in much more control of the situation. Having a clear and concise timeline allows a person to see what’s coming and avoid mistakes. Kurson says that if one is a student, having a planner or digital calendar is super helpful so that reminders can pop up throughout the week.Lastly, there is time for self-care. Schooling time outside of the timeline to do fun activities is very important. Kurson believes that, just like he did many years ago, people are forgetting to live their lives to the fullest. Of course, that means succeeding in school or at work. However, that also can mean making time for the people we love and to build human connections even deeper. The digital world is great for those who need to want to organize themselves, but it’s not healthy to have every single little thing tapped out. On California Globe, Kurson states there needs to be time for spontaneous moments. Life is too short to let a piece of paper control the rest of the time on this earth.