Who can I elect as a registered agent for my business in Nevada?

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A good Nevada registered agent can offer your business a range of comprehensive services that go beyond just receiving correspondence. They ensure worry-free compliance for your enterprise by alerting you, they do the annual filing for your business, and provide expert support. 

Is it necessary to have a registered agent in Nevada?

All states in the U.S., except for New York, require that LLCs and Corporations appoint someone to act as their registered agent. In some states, registered agents are also known as agents for service process, statutory agents, or resident agents. So when forming an LLC in Nevada — a registered agent is a must-have. So when forming an LLC in Nevada — a registered agent is a must-have.

What are the responsibilities of a registered agent? 

In exchange for a fee, commercial registered agent service acts as a third-party on behalf of your business. 

Commercial registered agents do not only receive official and legal correspondence for your LLC but also help keep your business compliant. They do this by maintaining the paperwork for your business and will notify you of annual filings and tax commitments. If forgotten, these can lead to heavy fines and penalties. 

Who can you elect to be a registered agent? 

In Nevada, you have several options available to you when you are looking to elect a registered agent. Registered agents can be business entities or individuals. 

 One option is to be your LLC’s own registered agent. You can also appoint a friend or family member that meets the criteria. 

A registered agent in Nevada is the third option and one preferred by most business owners. Even though these are more expensive, they can save your business money by ensuring that you avoid any fines from missing compliance deadlines. 

What are the requirements for someone to act as a registered agent? 

Whoever you choose to be your registered agent must be 18 years or older. They also must have a physical address in the state of Nevada, and be available during normal business hours to receive correspondence and service of process. 

How to notify the state of your elected registered agent? 

If you are only forming your LLC now, you will have to let the state know who you have selected when you submit your Articles of Organization. In section 2 of the forms, you must fill in the name and contact information of your registered agent. The state of Nevada distinguishes whether the registered agent chosen is a commercial or noncommercial registered agent, so remember to cross the correct block. 

In case you have an established business and want to change your registered agent or are tired of doing it yourself, the process is easy. First, get a consent form from the registered agent you have decided on, then submit it with a Statement of Change form and $60 to the Secretary of State. 

What advantages are there to using a Nevada Registered agent? 

A commercial registered agent offers several advantages for you and your business. These include privacy, convenience, discretion, and peace of mind. 

Only the address of your appointed commercial registered agent will appear anywhere on the public record. This ensures that no one has your personal or business address. 

You can keep a more flexible schedule because someone else will be responsible for receiving official notifications.

If your business is ever served with a lawsuit, your registered agent will receive the papers and notify you discreetly. No need for you to be served in front of clients or employees. 

You can focus your time on your business instead of worrying about tax notices and compliance reminders. Your registered agent will notify you when any of these are due. 

Also, should you decide to expand your business to another state, your foreign LLC will be able to continue with the same registered agent if you have chosen a national one. 

Cost of a Nevada commercial registered agent

Nevada has several options to choose from if you are looking for a commercial registered agent. If you do your LLC formation through them, many offer the service for free for the first year. Thereafter, be prepared to pay anything up to a couple of hundred dollars annually, depending on the features and services you require for your business.