What’s Going On With The Housing Market

The housing market is always changing. With the economy being almost unpredictable it’s difficult to predict where the housing market will fall each year. For example, even realtors like Shalom Lamm couldn’t guess the repercussions the pandemic would have on the market. It’s a very fluid market and with that comes a lot of uncertainty.

Many families are moving out of cities and into suburban areas. This is because they want to stay away from highly crowded places and high exposure rates. Many realtors in those areas were not prepared for the high influx of citizens. The housing market went up about four percent during this time.In addition to suburban areas outside the city, there is also the topic of influx to the south. Many southern states like Tennessee and South Carolina have had markets rise because of the increase of people. With the fear of the pandemic remaining constant, no one takes a chance to get caught in an apartment building. Shalom Lamm believes that the southern housing markets will remain booming for years to come.