What to Know When Starting a Moving Company

What to Do When Starting a Moving Company

People relocating to a new home usually need help getting their belongings from the old home to the new one, and our mobile society has always made it possible for moving companies to be successful in helping those families get everything transported. It can be a great business opportunity, so let’s look at some things you should do to make your venture successful.


Do Your Homework


Because moving seems like a relatively easy business to start – get a truck, get a partner, and start advertising – there are lots of firms coming and going in the industry. More specifically, there are a lot of firms that go before they even get started.


That’s why you need to understand your market. Do you have a mobile work force that frequently relocates as projects are completed? Do you have a university with a few thousand students moving in and out each year? Is your area’s population stagnant, with mostly local moves and fewer long hauls? Understand how many people are moving and where they are going before you get started.


Develop Your Identity


Once you’ve determined what type of work there is and how much of it is available, you need to think about branding yourself in a way that captures the most lucrative market share. Do you want to focus on the high-end families that may require a 55′ trailer for their belongings, or do you want to be a budget player in the business, offering low-cost, no-frills transport for working families?


These decisions will drive everything from your name to your logo, so invest some time in figuring out exactly who you want to be and how you want to be known in the local business community. Your identity can make or break your quest for customers. You can also jump right in if you have the resources and depict of if you would also like to be a short or long distance moving company.


Protect Yourself


Moving companies do three of the riskiest things in business. They have workers doing heavy lifting, they operate large vehicles, and they handle expensive items. There is no way you will last in the moving business if you do not protect yourself from the exposure presented by these factors.


Before you load the first box, get a good insurance policy that will cover the fragile items you’ll be transporting. Get a solid worker’s compensation policy that will take care of the twisted ankles and sprained backs that are likely to come your way. Of course, you must also protect yourself from the liability posed by your fleet of trucks. Make sure you decrease your risks by properly training workers in packing and handling your customers’ belongings, and minimize your vehicle risk by keeping all your drivers properly trained and licensed. Institute a strong vehicle maintenance program as well. This will reduce the risk of an accident caused by mechanical failure.


Get Moving!


Once you’ve set yourself up for success, it’s time to put your great ideas to work. Launch your new venture and work hard, then enjoy the fruits of your labors!