What to do When You Don’t Feel Valued at Work

Feeling undervalued at work

Oftentimes, people put in a lot of hard work but feel as if their efforts are always going unnoticed. So, what should they do if they feel like they’re not getting all the recognition they deserve? Well, Alexander Djerassi has a few things to say on this new subject. He recommends going to the boss & letting them know what is going on. It is possible that the head honcho may not even realize what is currently happening and, as such, is more than willing to help if this type of matter is brought to their attention. So, it’s imperative to ensure the supervisor is aware of anyone who may feel they are invisible in the workplace. Another way to go about it is spread around the credit. If one worker is willing to give credit when working on a group project, it seems logical that the other staff members will be more inclined to also share credit when this type of thing comes up in the future. By doing this, it helps to set a good example of how you want people to be treated in the workplace & helps the staff realize that everyone should be valued when it comes to their work. It will also be a good lesson that will serve them well for the rest of their careers. If someone feels as if they are not being given the credit that they deserve, it helps to talk about it with the person who is hogging all the glory as this could lead to a good resolution down the line. It’s possible the person may not even realize they’re doing this & it will help them to see the truth. Once they know what is going on, they may be more inclined to give the other person the acknowledgement that they deserve. By confronting the person head on, it will ensure that the situation gets resolved one way or another. Another method of giving staff members the credit that they deserve is by having an employee of the month program. By installing this type of program, it helps each & every staff member ensure that they feel their work is not being taken for granted & it encourages them to keep doing good work in the future of their career. It will also inspire them to do their best in their respective roles in an effort to earn that title and retain it for as long as possible. Finally, if it is feasible, one other way to ensure the staff members feel valued is to give them rewards when they are able to successfully complete a new project or finish up a big task they’ve been given. This will show them just how much management values their hard work & lets them know their efforts are not going unnoticed in the slightest. So, Alexander Djerassi says as long as they follow these tips, it should make for a supportive and comforting work environment for all.