What to do During Down Time

A lot of people find themselves unsure of what to do with downtime and it becomes time wasted. Some activities are exercise, start a side hustle, cook, read a book and even yoga. The list goes on and leads to something beneficial. The people who are successful in life do not work all day long and everyday. They always find some downtime and have hobbies to keep them motivated with their success. Alexander Djerassi wants to encourage people to make downtime useful and productive.

Exercising is one of the top hobbies to do during a break. There are a lot of good outcomes when it comes to working out. For example, there is stress relief and energy boosts. Also it brings out motivation and a healthy lifestyle. A lot of people exercise because it helps them feel better about themselves. The majority of people workout during their downtime and is recommended by many.

Starting a side hustle is a big activity to do in today’s world. It is one of the most favorite and best decisions people make to earn extra income legally. It is not a job, but more like a hobby. This is something people do because they enjoy it and get paid in the process. One example of a side hustle is creating YouTube videos and getting paid for it. Many people love to create videos and are getting paid for each view they get when they upload it to YouTube. This is a very famous side hustle. It also helps people learn new skills and meet new friends. It is proven that a side hustle can accumulate a lot of money in just a short amount of time and is perfect to do during downtime.

Many people are not good cooks, but with down time anyone can become an expert. Take it from Alexander Djerassi. Cooking is great for people’s well being. Studies have shown that cooking can make people healthier and boost mental health as well. It also brings people closer to family, friends and meeting new people. For instance, cooking gives the opportunity to cook for others and provides the opportunity to improve and build relationships. Cooking comes with a lot of benefits.

Overall downtime may not be glamour’s to some people, but it can be time well spent for others. Everyone needs a break now and then. Even if it’s just to have a little fun, do some community service, appreciate loved ones, learn something new or even meditate. Many good things can be discovered from it. It is proven that in order to be successful people need to take a vacation or break. Downtime will minimize stress, maximize productivity and put focus to what matters most in life. It will also guide anyone to success, goals, being sane and rewarding careers. Downtime can lead to finding a passion or new hobbies.