What Movies to Watch this Year

Shalom Lamm, a real estate developer, is a huge fan of movies. As it stands, the film industry has currently been booming with up and coming cinematic pieces of varying genres and styles, and it appears that 2021 will be no different. For fans of cinematic action masterpieces, Marvel and DC both continue to deliver with their respective franchises, including several standalone movies, including “Black Widow”, “Eternals” and several others that will be introducing new characters to the big screen, as well as DC’s “The Suicide Squad” sequel, set to air sometime soon in coming months. Both franchises are expected to be releasing fast-paced, high octane action-packed blockbusters that are sure to deliver to comic-book and action fans everywhere.

Even outside of the two most well-known comic-book based movie franchises, the release of several other action-packed movies has peaked audience interest as well; the long awaited “Top Gun” sequel is set to release sometime in early July, furthering the legacy of Tom Cruises’ famous “Maverick” character. The long awaited “Godzilla V.S. Kong” is set to premier even earlier, slated for the end of March- a monstrous showdown that’s been long awaited by classic movie-monster fans everywhere. For those who’re more interested in action with the proposition of a slight comedic twist, the next Ghostbusters film, “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” will be releasing this year as well, a continuation of its original franchise block-buster series, prior to the 2016 remake.

For those who may be in for a scare when it pertains to their cinematic viewing, there are several new horror-options hitting the big screen as well. The continuation of the Halloween franchise with “Halloween Kills”, set for October of 2021, offers further fright and excitement for audiences who’ve been well-invested in the life-long battle between the immortal Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode. In addition, for lovers of the paranormal there’s yet another iteration based upon the lives of Ed and Loraine Warren, “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” in which the two paranormal investigators dive into the investigation surrounding a murder, and the suspect who claims demonic possession was responsible for his acts. Set to release in August comes the newest telling of “Candyman” The age-old legend about a demonic entity that lives within mirrors, and can be summoned when called upon five times while gazing into one. And lastly on the list of upcoming horror movie scares, is one for those who enjoy a good psychological thriller that deals with the nature of humanity as a whole, “The Forever Purge” the fifth in the series of movies based upon the premise of a horrific social construct sanctioned by the US government, that permits crime of any and all kinds, one night a year for 12 hours straight, and details the subsequent horror that ensues.
The upcoming year in media is set to be a big one, coupled with newer standalone movies, and a continuation of several franchise pieces that have long been awaited by both Shalom Lamm, and fans everywhere.