What it takes to be a CEO

Being a CEO of a non-profit organization is a remarkable adventure, chairman Shalom Lamm, has always dreamed of doing. His Jewish heritage has shaped him to be the successful entrepreneur he is today. With his countless acts of philanthropy and selflessness, he has developed a method to help others reach their ultimate goals. 

After almost forty years serving the communities of America, Shalom Lamm, has finally shared his keys to success. His knowledge of the private sector and his education have shaped him to head organizations like Operation Benjamin. This nonprofit consists of a board of directors, advisory board, and professional staff who value those who lost their lives during World War II. This organization ensures comfort to families who have lost loved ones during such turmoil. Those who were buried in erroneous places are misrepresented and deserve a proper burial. Lamm, with his team, have each soldier posted on their website, OperationBenjamin.com. In addition, a headstone ceremony is also displayed with the families of those being honored, rejoicing from love. 

Lamm took on the CEO position because he understood how important restoring honor to these selfless soldiers was. With his experience in real estate, economics, and strategic planning, he has developed a management procedure that ensures success. He recommends that having a reliable team is the first way to establish a fruitful company. Having a diverse team who understands common goals and fulfills tasks according to timelines is important. Shalom Lamm’s team ranges from individuals who live in Isreal,  some are educators, peace activists, and even web designers. It takes a lot of expertise to make organizations flourish and help restore happiness to families. 

Another important factor of being a CEO, is time management. Lamm is heavily involved in other projects such as the Chevra Hatzalah Volunteer Ambulance Corps. This organization responds to over 75,000 medical emergencies in the NY metropolitan area. Shalom Lamm co-founded this organization to once again, help people in need. He time manages by keeping his planner up to date on tasks and upcoming events. With the world taking a virtual turn, Lamm is trying to incorporate more online interaction with his followers. Which takes us to the last step of being a successful CEO, staying fluid.

As the world takes on the pandemic, Lamm insists that staying flexible and open minded can be crucial to any business. Collaborating with set teams on how to move platforms forward is a must. For example, with Operation Benjamin, Lamm knows that the pandemic will make it hard for services to be properly carried out due to the social distancing mandate. However, instead of removing all headstone ceremonies, the organization is simply pending all until it’s a hundred perfect safe for these events to occur. Now digitally, families are still being represented properly and all other soldier information is still accessible virtually. It restores hope to families and propels the organization forward. 

Shalom Lamm has been a pillar for reform and has done a great service to the Jewish communities, worldwide. He always credits his remarkable team, sets time manageable goals, and stays adaptable. Although being a CEO, is a lot of hard work, in the end helping people is makes everything worth it.