Conserving Your Water Use: At Home Water Filters

We use water every single day, it’s our most important resource! From cooking and cleaning, to bathing, and of course drinking, the average American goes through 82 gallons of water a day. Seeing how much water we use every day, it seems safe to assume that water is pretty easy to come by, right? Well actually, less than .5% of the water on Earth is fresh and available for consumption! Since water is such a rare but important resource, it is important to make sure we are conserving our water use, and there are easy ways to accomplish that at home. 

At home water filters are a great way to make sure that you have clean drinking water for your family while also helping to conserve your overall water use. When you use water from the tap, contaminants can be transferred from pipes to your water. This can carry diseases like dysentery into your drinking water. More than ⅕ of all Americans have been exposed to contaminating drinking water in the past ten years! Home water filters filter out these contaminants and are designed to remove 99% of bacteria and viruses. Using water from the tap can also lead to water being wasted right back down the drain. Using a filter ensures that no water is being wasted when you’re there throughout the day. 

Water is our most important resource, so it is important that we stay mindful about how much is being used. At home water filters come in many designs and sizes to fulfill all consumers’ needs for conserving water that is fresh and safe. Learn more about at home water filters in the infographic below:

Water is Life Infographic by