U.S. Money Reserve Remains Stable and Consistent Despite Uncertain Times

Global growth is just not where it was a few short years ago. For the year of 2019, global growth has come to a virtual halt. Global growth, truth be told, is at a level of slowness now that has not been seen in over a decade. What is causing this slowdown of the global markets? Some common things are driving it, as you would expect. These include trade tensions, national upheavals such as Brexit, new issues with manufacturing ratios, employment trends, and more.

Low-Interest Rates Causing Issues

One of the sources of the problems of global growth has to do with the handling of interest rates. Low-interest rates were present starting in 2019, and then interest rates were taken even lower. The problem with the low-interest rates is that it poses a risk to asset bubbles potentially bursting. There is a lot of concern around the low-interest rates. Do central banks use these to artificially help make a weak economy stronger?

The Impact of the Trade War with China

The escalating trade war in the country of China has led to a lot of volatility. Wall Street to Main Street is struggling to figure out how the trade war is going to impact them. The tariffs the United States put on the Chinese goods, over $550 billion, have led to retaliation from the country of China with tariffs of their own around $185 billion.

The back and forth between the United States and China puts a lot of tension on the global markets. When the two largest economies in the world are at odds, there are big consequences at play.

We Need Certainty

The big thing that the countries around the world are looking for include stability. Economies need stability and consistency. When there is a level of stability across the board, then global growth may happen as there is a sense of safety present. The United States has been a bright spot among the global economy, but that is about where it ends. With cracks appearing in the American financial firewall, there is always a risk of an economic shock to be dealt with.

Dealing with the Financial Crisis Today

So, what could you be doing to be in a better position to deal with the financial crisis today? The global economy has not come to a halt since the year 2008 financial crisis. 2008 to 2009 financial crisis was felt at the U.S. Money Reserve across to the rest of the financial institutions around the world. 

The world is once again facing a lot of uncertainty and the potential for a downturn. Small businesses, consumers, households, all face the risk. So where is it that you can put your money in a safe place?

Safety often comes in the form of seeking out all precious metals, with gold frequently taking the cake. The gold is different than the other markets as there is no country that there is a link to. Instead, gold is an international monetary asset. When there is stress in the economy, gold can be a safety net to rely on. The U.S. Money Reserve thrives in these unstable environments, selling gold, silver, and other precious metals.