Top Digital Jobs for 2021

As we all know, the pandemic has caused employment losses in virtually every industry. Many businesses have spent many hours attempting to convert their operations to a cloud or remote system. However, because most of the top digital professions were computer-based and pre-programmed for remote work before COVID-19, little adaptation was required. This means that the job market for digital workers is booming. Now is an excellent time to advance your career in the digital space. Continue reading to see our selection of the best digital careers in 2021.

Web Developer

A web developer is in charge of designing and laying out websites. This role requires a combination of design and technical computing abilities to develop visually appealing and functional websites. A beautiful-looking website is one thing, but without adequate security and functionality, a nice design is insufficient for a website’s success. Web developers guarantee that websites meet the demands of their clients and are easy to use.

A web developer must be skilled in graphic design in addition to having a thorough understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other coding languages. Web developers must also be good communicators because they are often the ones who bring clients’ ideas to life. Because most individuals are unfamiliar with website development or code, it is the responsibility of a web developer to bridge that communication gap and assure a solid website delivery in the end.

Web developers are handsomely compensated for their efforts, with annual salaries ranging from $60,000 to $100,000 depending on the role.

Content Manager

Content managers are in charge of creating and maintaining branded content while appealing to the target audience. Content managers are always producing new ideas to engage the brand’s main market, whether they are writing blog entries, retouching images, or thinking of subtitles.

A profession like this needs both imagination and writing abilities. To ensure articles and postings are both modern and appropriate, content managers should be well-versed in pop culture and current events. Content managers are frequently the brand’s voice and what the public sees and engages with; therefore, it is critical that they grasp the company’s aims and fundamental values. When developing content plans and timetables, most content managers use a content management system (CMS) to keep organized.

A position as a content manager can pay between $59,720 and $88,000 per year. Most individuals are familiar with social media nowadays, making this an excellent digital career for someone without specific training because the essential skills are either natural or quickly taught.

Email Marketer

Despite the fact that emails overwhelm inboxes, email marketing is still a highly successful marketing approach. Email marketers utilize their expertise in email marketing to increase traffic to corporate websites and establish connections with customers. This role is responsible for establishing email lists, producing email concepts (and occasionally developing the actual email), and assessing email campaign performance.

Being an email marketer necessitates excellent organization and a keen eye for detail. These marketers are in charge of managing thousands of email addresses and creating content that will be seen on a number of devices. Strong email marketers have the potential to significantly grow a company and create long-term customers for the brand.

Although it is not the highest-paying digital profession on the market, email marketers may make between $54,000 and $70,000 per year.

SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals are in charge of increasing website traffic. SEO experts compare top-performing keywords related to the business as well as website data to competitors in the same area. Following that, search specialists develop a keyword plan to rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs), thus attracting more visitors to the website.

SEO specialists must be excellent problem solvers who can combine good content and readability with optimized keywords. To remain relevant in search results, top SEO professionals keep up with current social media and software developments. A specific set of abilities is required for an SEO professional, but fortunately, the talents required to thrive in this digital career can be taught fast.

SEO professionals can earn $46,000-$65,000 per year, although the function of SEO typically comes under broader digital marketing responsibilities, so pay might vary.

UX Designer

Without UX designers, our experience with applications and interfaces would be awful. UX designers figure out how to make programs as pleasant and easy to use as possible by conducting thorough research, user testing, and path mapping. To do so successfully, UX designers must be educated in visual design as well as research methodologies.

Because their job entails obtaining comprehensive insights from consumers and translating their wants and worries into reality, UX designers must be patient and attentive. User experience is one of the most extensive and time-consuming digital occupations, yet the effort yields distinctive and satisfying outcomes depending on customer behavior.

In the United States, UX designers now make between $59,000 and $128,000, making it one of the most profitable digital occupations.

Digital Journalist

Digital journalism is considerably different from conventional journalism, which was prevalent only a decade ago. Students aspiring to be journalists must be conversant with a wide range of digital abilities in order to compete. In fact, when it comes to digital journalism, it’s far better to obtain a masters in journalism online if you want to have any chance of making an impact in this industry – competition is fierce.

While there is no precise definition of digital journalism, it is commonly accepted as any type of journalistic output published on the internet. It might be in the form of text, audio, or video, and because it does not require printing and distribution, it is considerably faster than traditional journalism. People can access news and events on the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also like to fit their reading into their busy lives; therefore, the material is shorter than it used to be. The art of digital journalism is to be concise.

A digital journalist’s role includes gathering material from many sources, such as social media. There is a focus on compressing as much information as possible into as little space as possible. Many digital articles contain hyperlinks to videos or images recorded on cell phones and shared on Facebook or YouTube. Journalism students will benefit from classes that teach them how to look for such material. It is also necessary to understand the legal implications of this, such as copyright and plagiarism.

In the United States, the average yearly salary for a digital journalist is $65,893.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning Engineer

As the IT sector moves its emphasis to the growing subject of automation, AI and machine learning professionals are in great demand. Therefore, AI and machine learning professions are among the top tech and digital careers for the future. Big data is used by AI developers to create models for natural language processing, economic forecasting, and picture identification.

Machine learning has grown in popularity as a result of the virtually unlimited amount of available data, inexpensive data storage, and the advancement of less expensive and more powerful computing. Many sectors are already creating more powerful machine learning models that can analyze larger and more complicated data sets while delivering faster, more accurate answers. Machine learning techniques help companies to discover economic possibilities and possible dangers more rapidly. It’s clear that, as a machine learning engineer, your talents are going to be in high demand.

In the United States, the average annual income for a machine learning engineer is $150,617.

Video Production and Marketing

Video production and marketing have swiftly risen to the top of the priority list for every marketing plan. Every business promotes video content because it immediately captures the attention of users. With the audience rapidly shifting to smartphones in today’s world, today’s youth engages with video content more than ever before. It is no longer just a source of pleasure but also a strong instrument for marketing and lead generation, particularly on social media platforms.

The emergence of programs such as TikTok and features such as Instagram reels has altered the perception of video content. Consumers prefer video content from their brands above other types of material. As a result, video creation and marketing have risen to the top of the digital marketing skillset list of priorities.

A video production and marketing specialist can earn around $57,377 a year.

Paid Media Specialist

A paid media specialist is in charge of driving traffic to your websites through online advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google, among others. As a paid media professional, you must have the best of both worlds; a creative as well as an analytical mind.

A paid media specialist must be able to determine which platforms are ideal for reaching their target audience and being innovative with their media purchasing abilities to obtain the greatest optimization of input for higher output.

With an average salary of $66,150, being a paid media specialist can be an excellent choice for those who are interested in a digital career.