Tips to Help Stay Motivated

Tips to Help Stay Motivated

Father George Rutler, a Catholic priest,  is well known for helping people find motivation. He has written several books on the subject, including “How to Stay Motivated: A Practical Guide to Overcome Procrastination.” Here are some of Father George’s tips that can help them stay motivated and complete all their tasks with ease.

Figure out what motivates you

Everyone is different. According to Rutler, Being motivated to do something doesn’t mean that it’s the right thing to do. For example, if they are motivated by everyone looking at them for being an overachiever, then their motivation may actually be pride. If they are motivated by people believing in them and valuing who they are, then their motivation could be considered virtuous. Whatever their motivation, it is important to try and figure out what motivates them so that they can stay motivated more easily.

Set a schedule to complete tasks

He recommends that people set a schedule for completing tasks. He suggests that they figure out how long it takes them to complete their task and then add 30 minutes on top of it. This will help ensure that they get things done in time, which helps keep them motivated.

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Find a way to make themselves accountable

People do better when they are held accountable. According to Father George Rutler, an accountability partner can help them stay motivated. He suggests that people find someone who can be responsible and there for them to answer to. This will help keep them on track and likely motivate them more successfully than if they didn’t have anyone else around.

Set healthy boundaries

According to Father George, we all need downtime to refresh ourselves and motivate ourselves, give ourselves time away from our responsibilities (without feeling guilty). It is important for people not to overdo it because this could make them tired and worn out, which would make it harder for them to complete their tasks, thus making them less motivated. It is also important to give themselves a break from their responsibilities. By this, Rutler does not mean that they should neglect their responsibilities, but rather that they need to set aside time for themselves as well as time to rest and recharge.

Find a way to celebrate their accomplishments

According to Rutler, many people have difficulty staying motivated because too often, they forget about the achievements they have made. He suggests finding a way to celebrate each of these achievements because doing so will help them stay motivated, and it will also serve as a reminder of what they have already accomplished along the way. Celebrating small milestones helps keep them going, and being able to reward themselves can even be considered exercising some self-discipline which requires motivation just like everything else.

Accept the fact that they cannot do everything

Father George Rutler also suggests that people accept that they can’t do everything and embrace their limitations. This means that they remember to say no when someone asks them for help because it will be hard for them to complete a task if they have too many responsibilities going all at once. This helps keep them motivated as well as not burning themselves out. It would also be important to try and avoid procrastination, so this doesn’t happen either. Overall, these tips can help people stay motivated more easily and effectively so they can get more done in less time without overdoing it or being worn out all the time from working constantly.

We all have to do things that we would rather not do because it makes us feel good about ourselves, helps out other people or just makes life easier for us. After all, if no one ever did anything they didn’t want to do, then nothing would ever get done.