Tips for Staying Fit During Uncertain Times

Individuals are struggling with cabin fever due to the social distancing restrictions limiting their movements. One has to understand how to adapt to uncertainty and pandemic changes. Being confined indoors is not the end of the world. One can be part of various activities to get one’s mind, and body constructively distracted. Individuals need to spend their time at home wisely. It is an opportunity for them to stay active and fit while spending quality time with their family and friends.

Helen Lee Schifter is among the individuals maximizing the stay-at-home rule during the pandemic. She is a fashion enthusiast and wellness expert who is a strong believer in health and wellness. She shares her thoughts regularly on fitness and exercising during the pandemic. Since gyms and public spaces limit an individual’s workout routine, they must take advantage of a home gym. Individuals need to focus on their health by working out at home and maintaining a good diet.

Developing a home gym is not rocket science. The right attitude can take a person miles into coming up with a good home gym meeting their needs. People can make working out be part and parcel of their daily routine to improve their physical and mental health. Helen is a true believer in wellness. She expresses her thoughts on working out during quarantine to reduce stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is dedicated to exercising despite the pandemic and emphasizes staying in shape to boost one’s moods. Having the right home workout routine makes an individual alert, mentally and physically.

Home Workouts to Stay in Shape

For an individual to achieve their fitness goals, they need a strategy and determination. They should move gradually, especially if they have taken a long time to exercise. It is critical to have goals and targets to keep you in check during the workouts. Helen Schifter believes that exercise is the best medicine for physical and mental wellness. Here are some of the best at-home workouts that ensure you stay in shape:


Walking is one of the easy-to-do exercises that does not need any equipment. Taking at least 20 to 30mins each day improves an individual’s bone health while reducing stress and anxiety. Spending time while walking increases one’s longevity and lifespan. It is the best way of staying active and fighting social isolation.


Many people are struggling to keep fit with limited access to fitness facilities during the pandemic. Aerobics is among the top exercises one can do at home to improve their fitness levels. Aerobic moves may include riding a bike, swimming in a pool, or dancing to music.

With many people out of work and struggling financially, a good aerobics routine can help individuals eliminate negative energy. With consistency and focus, physical exercise can aid in the management of conditions like blood pressure. It boosts one’s immune system and keeps one physically and mentally alert.

Weight Training

Many people are waiting for the vaccination to quell the coronavirus pandemic. Taking time to perform certain activities like weight training is among the activities to keep you going during the pandemic.

Weight training using equipment like a basic barbell plays a vital role in muscle strengthening. An individual can improve their muscle strength by using other weight training equipment to make their activity interesting.


Yoga is among the best exercises for relaxation and rejuvenation. It is the best way to handle stress-related issues that can manifest into various health conditions. Yoga helps individuals to stay calm while reducing muscle tension. Yoga also teaches individuals to regulate their breathing, making them feel at peace and relaxed.

Importance of Exercise During the Pandemic

Helen encourages exercising during the pandemic as a stress reliever. The human body’s system works better when individuals are active. Elevated exercises such as aerobics are associated with a reduction in depressive symptoms. There are several equipment and machines to ease your physical activity. It gives one the option to make the right selection of what they can afford. Other exercises like walking or jogging do not need any equipment. It means no individual has an excuse for not exercising during the pandemic. People need to take advantage of some of the exercises mentioned above to clear their minds and maintain physical fitness.