Tips For Building The Best Resume And Professional Profile Possible

Landing a great job can be a challenge depending on your set of skills. There are so many jobs that are open today due to the “Great Resignation” that saw millions of people leaving their jobs. The return to the office was a primary reason for a number of people to resign. Most individuals do not want to return to the office for personal reasons and with gas prices being so high. Building a resume that catches the eye of a recruiter or hiring manager can change your professional life. Take a proactive approach when it comes to improving your professional profile as it is not going to improve itself. Below are a few tips to build your professional profile and resume in the best ways possible. 

Your Headshot Matters 

There are so many headshots that are less than serious or are simply cropped from a personal photo. Actor headshots in Greensboro or your local area can be great if you are in the performing arts. You want to be able to land interviews or auditions regardless of the industry that you work in. Present yourself as well as possible when taking a headshot as humorous photos don’t translate in all industries. 

Create A Portfolio Page Or Small Personal Website

There are some jobs where creating a portfolio of work can be very important. You might want to showcase published work if you are a writer or web designer. The importance of this is that you can prove your quality of work by sending a hyperlink. A writer might be able to pick some freelance work up due to the quality of work in their portfolio. Finding consistent gigs is very important when freelancing part or full-time. 

LinkedIn is going to be an important part of any professional profile. Asking connections for recommendations can be very important. The right recommendation on LinkedIn can be leveraged into a job or interview. LinkedIn should not be your only focus as some professionals simply add as many connections as possible without plans to leverage any. 

Enlist The Help Of A Professional 

There are so many people that are dedicated to helping improve your online portfolio, presence, and resume. A number of these people have experience in copywriting. Highlighting certain skills in a resume can be great if you are looking for a very specific job role. If you are looking for a job, you can enlist the help of someone to help get your interviews. Do not underestimate what a fresh perspective can do when building the perfect portfolio/resume. Paying a recruiter or hiring manager to take a look at your resume can be imperative. Going over important questions is another thing that you need to practice to get right. 

Take your next job search to the next level by building your professional profile. You want those viewing your resume or portfolio to be impressed. Small details make a huge difference when it comes to landing a new job.