Tips Before Going to Wall Street

Before even stepping foot on wall Street, there are some things that need to be heavily prepared for. Ken Kurson, a financial journalist, says that in order to be successful at work or during an interview, there are certain steps that have to be completed prior. First off, when interviewing don’t try to be someone you are not. Understand that it’s okay to be yourself and a company will hire you based on your personality. 

There are definitely corporations on Wall Street that have been there for generations. That being said, do your research. If the company you work for starts asking you about history during a big client meeting, you need to be prepared. Going through company training is one thing, but going outside of the box to prove yourself is a whole other ball game. In addition, dressing to impress is key. Making sure you have a suit tailored to you is very important. As you grow with the company, it may be more easygoing but until there act like it’s your first day.Staying away from bad influences is also pretty important. There are a lot of sketchy things that happen on Wall Street and getting involved is never a good idea. Also, make sure you can afford to live near/on Wall Street with a given salary. Sometimes, the salary might not be worth the Wall Street title. The city can be extremely expensive and sometimes it’s not worth it. Overall, Ken Kurson suggests interviewing at companies the same time they are interviewing you. There are a lot of qualities to take into account before working on Wall Street.