This is why a good website is essential to your brand

Having a good website is crucial for any businesses in these digital times. When building a brand and business it is very important to leave a good digital footprint. Below are reasons why having a good website is essential to one’s brand and business.

First impressions count

A website is the first impression of a brand. Users judge a business, in seconds, according to how fast and efficient the website is. It will also be judged on the look and user friendliness. In those first few seconds brands have the chance to make the best first impression they can. Outdated and unappealing websites will cause a bad first impression and ultimately lose out on sales and leads. In order to avoid this scenario it’s better to hire a Web developer who has undergone some Web Development Course as he would know the tricks to develop a pleasing Website.

Nagabhushanam “Bobby” Peddi, CEO of TRUiC commented “Having a good website has a  huge impact on how users and audiences perceive a brand. The impression a website makes on users will either entice them, keeping them on your page, or steer them towards the competition.”

Customer Service taken to the next level

This goes hand in hand with first impressions. Making an effort and having a good website shows potential customers how the owner views and values their brand, as well as how they view and value their customers. Putting time and effort into one’s website, focussing on user experience and look is really important. A website is a digital customer service representative. Having a fast, efficient, modern, sophisticated, inviting website will have a welcoming effect on audiences. Website design is the face of one’s business and brand in the digital world.

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation is really important when building a brand. SEO has a direct link to how visibility will be on the web. Better websites equals better SEO ranking equals better and more visibility. Concentrate on which content is being published on your website as well as better web designing.

Creating Consistency

Building up one’s brand is all about people getting familiar with the brand, business and products. The reason for having a good brand is so that consumers spend money on your  brand when they are ready to buy. A good web design will help any brand with creating consistency with customers. It should also create consistency throughout the website, one should use the same fonts, layouts and styles across every page. The coloring should also be inline with the colors of the brand. Imaging Coke having a green web design. Make sure that there is consistency and recognition of what the  brand is, this will make your brand more recognisable and create a greater impact.

Outshining the Competition

Users will leave a bad website and buy the same product form the competitions website. Bad websites equals losing money and competitors making more money. Believe that the competition is utilising a good and efficient web design. Staying updated and having a good website will keep the audience on your website and off the competitions website. The only way to beat the competition digitally is to have a better website. Focus on new, updated, high-quality websites. The website should be fast and user friendly. Keep it simple, professional and elegant. A website is a great marketing tool for any brand, use it to set yourself and your brand apart from the competition, and showcase the brand’s unique features, making it clear why you should be the number one choice.

Building a trustworthy brand

Inundated websites caused distrust with users. Having an outdated website with outdated information effectively causes audiences to not trust one site and business. A professional site will give users confidence to buy from a business. This also causes consumers to thrust the brand that they are spending their hard earned money on. Building trust with one’s audience makes them stay on your site for longer periods, and longer visits on a  site creates more opportunity for sales.

Final take

Having a good website is clearly really important when building a brand and business. It has a lot of pros when having an efficient, fast, inviting, user friendly website. It is not necessary to pay thousands of dollars appointing a website designer and developer. With today’s innovation and technology there are great website builders where you can build your own site.