These web innovations will change the world

When it comes to businesses online, they are constantly sprouting up in different fields. However, some web innovations stand out completely and attract a huge sector of consumers for many different reasons. Even though competition can be challenging, there are just some businesses that are having head starts in the races for the right moves they have taken. In this article we have carefully selected web innovations that will change the world.


Bluehost is a prime example of being a super fast web hosting service and is now one of the 20 largest web hosts out there. It is now hosting over 2 million domains and offers different hosting solutions such as WordPress hosting, shared hosting, Woocomerce and dedicated hosting. The company now has over 750 people employed and it is located in Utah. They offer an easy and basic template for beginners and it is easy to navigate on. They show you all the results necessary for your business, in order to build an organic traffic online and deliver results through SEO tools. (Read more about how Bluehost is ranking in the global top 10) 

Snatch App

Snatch App is the new and smart way of communicating with friends, family and colleagues. It is available in 53 languages and has cool features such as being able to change the pitch of your voice when sending voice messages, as well as have conference calls with up to 10 people and share files securely. Another cool feature that is included is that you can put on a timer to self destruct messages, voice notes and even photos – meaning that you can delete all traces. There is strong security on this app, which means that anything that you send will be safe and secure.


When it comes to budding entrepreneurs or creators that need extra capital for their ideas, Indiegogo is there to help. This online crowdfunding platform has two types of funding: ‘fixed and flexible funding’. The fixed option allows fundraisers  to put up a goal of a certain amount of money that they need, whereas the flexible campaign allows you to accept all funds at any amount.

Contact Pigeon

Many companies are now using Contact Pigeon since it is a great platform that delivers excellent results. It has features such as e-commerce analytics, contact management, campaign generator and a reporting dashboard which is showcased across multiple channels. It allows small and large business owners to set up marketing campaigns that target directly their clients on the emailing list, which they can then click on the e-commerce websites directly. This brings organic traffic and results to the company, benefiting them in every way.


Freelancers and job advertisers are able to connect through Upwork. It is an efficient online platform that allows employers to set out job ads for freelancers that have a variety of skills. This could be from writing to tutoring and there are all kinds of jobs available with different rates. Freelancers are able to bid for the pay rate, plus they need to write a short proposal to employers about their interest in the job and why they are the suitable candidate. Once the job is completed, employers pay directly to the freelancers through the online platform.

Our say?

We have dedicated our time and researched for hours to track down the best web innovations that will change the world. We looked into different categories that are mainly trending online and will stay as long term trends as online business tends to grow even more popular. These online businesses that we have chosen will make a difference are continuing to grow popular with consumers.