The Value of Belonging at Work

The value of belonging at work

We all want to feel like we belong at work, but it turns out there may be a lot more to it than most people realize. In fact, many studies have found that those who feel as if they belong are much more likely to be happy & productive at work. So just how does the boss man go about ensuring that each & every staff member feels as if they are valued & that they belong? Well, that is exactly why Dr. Jordan Sudberg is here to explain the ways in which they can make this happen. So here are some of the pieces of advice he has to share about this topic. So, the first thing he advises is to give the staff a raise every few years as this will not only make them feel as if they are an important part of the team but will make them realize that they are being valued & not just a face in the crowd. It will also make them much more likely to do good work for the team in the future so this will ensure the success of the company for many years to come. So, the next thing he has to say about the topic is to name an employee of the month every now & then. This will make them realize that the boss man does care about them & will encourage them to do their best in everything they do at the office. It also helps to show that the boss does care about the success of the staff & that this is tied into the success of the new company overall. So, this can be one of the best ways to ensure that they are feeling as if they belong. So, the next advice that Dr. Jordan Sudberg has to offer is to provide some sort of incentive to encourage all of the staff members to do their best each day. This could be anything from a pizza party to a bonus at the end of the quarter, but the idea is to make sure the staff knows how much you appreciate all of their hard work & that you do not take any of it for granted. This also helps make the company more efficient as they each strive to do their best in all of their respective roles in the office. Finally, the thing he would advise is to make sure the boss knows all of their first names & uses them on a regular basis. This will make them realize that he does care about all of the people he has hired & appreciates all that they do for the company as a whole. This will also make them more likely to stick around for much longer which makes it much easier on the hiring manager. So as long as they abide by all of these bits of advice, they should be able to ensure that everyone feels valued. Therefore, they will perform better as workers.