The Suburban Real Estate Market is Booming

During the Coronavirus pandemic, real estate investors in the suburbs like Shalom Lamm have been able to see somewhat of a silver lining. Indeed, as there has been a mass exodus that’s exhibited itself from major metropolitan cities outwardly to suburbs in different states, the values of properties in these suburbs have appreciated dramatically. And there are many prudent observers of the market that have begun asking the question of whether these changes are here to last.

Indeed, there’s no sign of the Coronavirus pandemic’s end in sight. This of course bodes well for the changes in the suburban real estate market indeed becoming durable, and not simply a temporary aberration in the market.

But there are also reasons to doubt that these changes will prove to be anything more than a sign of the times we are presently living in. Indeed, people have left the cities both for spatial reasons but also out of concern for their own physical health. With more and more data coming out showing an increase in cases in areas with populations that are more cluttered, this makes perfect sense. Shalom Lamm however, has a hunch that these changes may in fact be here to stay.